Friday, March 21, 2008


These are open letters to things that I am either loving or seriously questioning today.

Dear Washington Post,
Thank you so much for your Peeps Shadow Box contest. My vote goes to “A Peep at Mardi Gras.” There is some major cute Peep action here going on to the right.

“The Bride of Pepperstin” on the left must get a shout out for creative use of spoungie curlers. (pictures from

I want to thank you for directing visitors to my blog. A Shot of Brandi* hit an all-time high eight readers yesterday thanks to you. You are awesome (even though you don’t give me credit for coming up with your blog tagline – “rollin’ the dice. I still think it’s stupid that you created your own nickname too).

Dear Tiffany & Co.,
I love cupcakes, but I am NOT willing to spend $150 on one that I can’t eat (picture to the left from

Dear “J,”
While I’ve never posted a profile on or a dating site, cheers to you for an awesomely clever craiglist posting looking for a honey.

Dear Verizon,
How overjoyed I was to receive an invitation to attend a “special” test session for employment. Remember in 2004 when you refused to hire me after three rounds of interviews? Suck it. You know where you can stick your “temporary position” (picture from my hotmail inbox).

Dear Cadbury’s,
Please find a way to sell those candy coated eggs year-round. Happy Easter!

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