Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miracle Post!

I have a lot of pet peeves.

I am not as OCD as Kate on my favorite show John & Kate + 8, but I do get p*ssed quick.

This month, I am really p*ssed at sports writers.

Maybe all the madness has gone to their heads, but since when is winning a game classified as a miracle?

First it was NBC Sports. Of all days, on Easter Sunday, they had the nerve to publish the headline to the right. Was Davidson’s win over Georgetown a miracle? Obliviously reporter John Walters got too drunk off vodka sprites and forgot about Easter like some other people I know and forgot the real meaning of the holiday.

Now, according to the Webmister and my former roommate, the VT Women’s Softball win over the National Team is a “Miracle.” I don’t really see what the big deal is here. It isn’t like the team walked on water.

By the way Webmister - I don’t care if you are reading this. I know you are because you know secrets about the WWW. You are probably watching me on Google Earth right now.

And then there is the fine city of Pittsburgh, PA. WTAE doesn’t care that Sid the Kid and the Pens are in the playoffs or that the Pirates are still losing. They just want to talk about the Steelers. I guess the NFL might vote next week to make players cut their hair. At least for Pacman Jones’ sake they can still fancy strip clubs.

Back to WTAE. They decided to take an InStyle Magazine spin on what Troy Polamalu’s hair would look like with a different style. I kid you not. My vote is for the one on the right. It screams 90's boy band meets Laguna Beach.

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