Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love the Earth!

Tomorrow is Earth Day. While this celebration has been around for more than 20 years, this year companies are treating it like a holiday. Ever since Al Gore made that movie, every one is going green. I’ve even jumped on the bandwagon!

As I mentioned, Green is everywhere right now. If you could see me today, I am wearing a green dress. So to make my reader (yes, reader) Go Green, below are my recommendations for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, Organic Bouquet offers a nice selection of flowers at reasonable prices. What makes this flower service different is that they have practices in place to “improve the quality of farm working conditions, minimize damage to ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and enhance environmental quality for future generations.” I like the green roses (left).

When I was just a small tyke, I loved to catch lighting bugs. The Sun Jar (right) totally reminded me of a lighting bug in a jar. During the day, the cute mason jar captures sun rays to charge a battery inside. At night, the jar comes alive lights up the room. While I personally need a lot of light, I would probably use these outside…if I had a porch! You can find these jars at Target or at

The book Gorgeously Green looks adorable. I love that the author, Sophie Uliano, recommends eating at Chipotle on her site (they are a really eco-friendly company!). She is going to be on Oprah tomorrow.

Speaking of books, Paperback Swap allows you to do just what the name says – swap books with people from across the United States. This thing is better than Oprah’s Book Club. You just post the books you are willing to swap. People search the library and if they like your book, you mail it to them. Yes, you need to pay the postage, but when you find a book that you like, it’s sent to you – for free! And you can keep it!

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