Thursday, April 17, 2008

Webby Web

Every so often, I come across a web site that makes me wonder – why didn’t I think of this?! Here are some of those sites…

When I am shopping, I sometimes get a vision in my head of what I want and get very disgruntled when I cannot find it. This site can help solve that problem. Polyvore allows you to search through hundreds of clothing and accessory choices to put together the perfect outfit. Remember when I blogged earlier about the yellow Phillip Lim dress? Well I created this little ditty below accessorizing the dress with green. You design your own look at

In February, I wrote about the Bureau of Communications – a site that let’s you generate you own invitations to look like formal announcements. Well recently I stumbled across this site that goes further into the customizable documents. I love the prohibition inspector and the old telegram!

I always worry that when taking a cab, I won’t have enough cash on me. Well someone has come up with a solution. At you can type in an address and it will calculate the fare for you!

Like any child of the 80’s, I love a good mix tape and my “Brandi’s Favorite’s” playlists are always hits at parties. If you are like me, this site is right up your alley. At you can create a mix tape, complete with customized cover, and allow friends to listen in. Visit

At Awesome Highlighter, you can highlight an area of a web site that you want someone to see, and then send them the link (above). This is perfect if you want to send a friend a story that is rather long, but you really want them to only read one part. This way, you send them the whole story to reference or read if they have time! Genius!

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