Thursday, April 10, 2008

You are an obsession

From time to time, I will list my Obsessions. Here is a list of things I am obsessed with right now...

Jon & Kate + 8: I love this show that is on TLC. I am obsessed with watching Kate deal with all of these kids and everyday house chores. Kate was able to grocery shop for a family of 10 by spending like $150 every two weeks – insane! Now that the kids are growing up, they have their own little personalities. Brady has been forced to watch marathons with me and I think he secretly likes it too.

Limoncello Style: This week I went through a p*ss poor crafting attempt all because of Elmer’s Rubber Cement. Please DO NOT USE this glue because it does not dry clear. Buy the generic kind or the Ross Brand. Today, while surfing my google reader, I came across this web site, Limoncello Style. They have this DYI Rescue program that is described as the following... “You get in over your head with a project; be it making programs, putting together invitations, wrapping favors, drawing a map, assembling centerpieces, etc. You contact LimoncelloSTYLE, LLP and we work together to make it happen! I can work with any budget. And best of all, you get to sit back and relax!” Contact them via:

Dance Party Friday’s: While us Pittsburgh people hate Cincinnati, this is total awesomeness to come out of that city. The local weather girl and traffic reporter do a song a dance each Friday. Click here for the full list of shows:

Salad Spinner: Best 30 bucks I’ve spent all year. I love to eat salads, but I hate drying my own lettuce. I am really picky and love the real green stuff – no iceberg. I purchased one of these handy salad spinners from Crate & Barrel. You just toss your wet leaves in and spin away. And let me tell you the spinning process is a lot of fun. Volia – the water goes to the bottom of the bowl and your lettuce is ready to store!

Moon Run Robber: I can’t wait for the Dateline NBC special on this one. Aparently my hometown neighborhood has a robber. This guy (I am not being sexist, but my grandmother insists it is a guy” tried to seal a ladder and climb into a neighbor’s window. Another person claims that he was in the bushes and ran when she was taking out garbage. While this may seem typical for a big city, this is totally breaking news in my hood. Someone is passing out fliers on how to protect your home, my dad started locking our doors, my dog is being trained to attack…okay the last one isn’t true, but my grandma did inform me she is buying a gun. I tried to convince her that a taser is better, but she didn’t buy it. More to come on this after the weekend trip home (photo of Moon Run to the right).

Fingers crossed my Southwest flight makes it out of Chicago tonight!

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