Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down

On Friday, Brian was viewing pictures in my diggy, when he came across some new Brandi* + Jillian jumping pictures.

Brian: Why do you do this?
Brandi: It's our signature pose
Brian: Really, why do you do this
Brandi: To be flat out honest, when we are at family events that involve drinking, sometimes we get bored. Therefore, we just go outside and jump around. Typically we make poeple take pictures of it.

Frankly, Jillian and I were bread to be good jumpers. I, in fact, won an ribbon in middle school cheerleading for being the "Best Jumper" on my squad and Jillian got a trampoline for her like 11th birthday.

By the request of reader Brian, here is a little silde show I've put together of our best jumps.

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