Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I want to hug it"

On our long Sunday walk, I diverted Brady through the Lincoln Park Zoo - my favorite Chicago stomping ground.

I LOVE the polar bears, but they must have been chillin' inside. However, my second love, the lions, didn't disappoint.

The lioness was perched on her usual rock, while the male was totally passed out in the grass with his leg in the air. I just hope he wasn't dead from the heat. It would have been better if they roared, but the lioness looked so cute, I told Brady "I just want to hug her." Of course Brady thought I was being stupid and told me that my little lioness would bite my head off.

PROOF that she wouldn't hurt me hit mainstream media last night with this - a touching story about these two dudes who owned a lion (my dream may come true!), and released it into the wild. Well the dudes met up with the former pet and she totally remembered them and gave them some awesome lion hugs.

Watch for yourself.

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