Saturday, August 30, 2008


Let me just say that Shot of Brandi* totally endorses Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I know there are a lot of pressing issues in this election, but one really hits home to this zoo/animal lover - the POLAR BEARS.

Kayne West once said, "George Bush hates black people," Well guess what?

Sarah Palin hates White Polar Bears.
As you know, my readers, I love the zoo and I love animals. It breaks my heart that Sarah Palin's does not feel the same way.
I invite Sarah P. to Chicago just so she can meet the Lincoln Park Zoo Polar Bears. Brady and I walk the extra 1/2 mile to visit them because it is my favorite exhibit. They bears are so happy swimming around the pool and stopping at the window to greet the guests.
Because of oil drilling in Alaska, the bears are becoming extinct. Sarah P. is the one leading the charge on this drilling.

Please, do not vote for McCain. If something should happen to him (aka HE DIES), then Sarah would be our president. What would she drive to extinction next - cats!?!?!

Save the Polar Bears.
Save the United States.

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Finlay said...

This is your best entry yet! Get back to Chicago, I miss you.