Monday, September 22, 2008

And the Winner is...

Award season kicked off last night with the Emmy's!

The appetizer of award shows, the Emmy's are typically just a warm up for the winter awards - the SAG's, The Grammy's, The Academy Awards, etc. The Emmy's tend to be a bit boring, but I can't resist the junior-high antics that take place during the pre-show.

First, you have all of the red carpet emcees telling the celebrity how pretty she looks. Then, the next day they bash her look on the recap show. Second, you have the people that won't do the red carpet with their boyfriend/girlfriend because they won't talk about their relationship. Just like middle school when you didn't want to tell your parents you were "seeing" someone. Finally, who doesn't love the blunt questions asked by the gossip shows. Last year Guilanna D. asked every woman if they were wearing Spanx. Why would you want to tell the world you have a little spandex support under your gown because you actually eat (Everyone knows that Spanx paid her to ask that question).

Now, you can have a chance to be part of the whole hoopla. Starting today and through Friday, you can enter to win bleacher seats at the Oscars on February, 22nd, 2009 in Los Angeles.

Enter now. (This would make a fantastic birthday present for me!)


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