Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get off Kenley's Back

For those "Project Runway" fans, I know you probably think that I am insane that I liked Kenley all season. Let me get something straight. I liked her style and the clothes she sent down the runway. Not necessarily her.

During the last two shows of the season, Miss Kenley took a lot of flack for not knowing designers and making dresses that looked like McQueen and Balenciaga. Yes, the Best Week Ever blog put the McQueen dresse side by side to Kenley's and they did look very similar.

This past week, I was reading one of the many blogs I have in my Google Reader (get one now, love it). One party blog included an "inspiration board" that they put together for a friend's upcoming wedding. Low and behold, it included this dress by famed wedding dress designer Monique Lhuillier.

I love you Michael and Heidi (especially when you say "ide-rrr" instead of "idea"), but I can't believe you didn't call boring Leanne out on this "copycat."
Leanne's dress of the left, Monique's on the right.

Maybe someone else deserved to win? Or maybe fashion really does always repeat itself.

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