Thursday, January 29, 2009

Headlines: Pittsburgh Fans are Crazy

John Stewart should devote half of today’s show to the crazy Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Brady says people in Pittsburgh like football because there is nothing else to do, but he just doesn’t understand what its like to be passionate for a winning football team.

But I must say Pittsburgh. You are really out-doing yourself this year. Maybe its because times are so tough the Steelers are the only positive thing going on in our lives. My dad mentioned stores/malls are closing early for the game and employeers are giving people 2 hour delays on Monday to allow for some extra celebrating.

Here are some headlines that prove Pittsburgh has gone crazy.

Newborn Steelers fans enter the world in Pittsburgh

Cheer for the Steelers -- but do it properly
"If your voice is hoarse the day after a Steelers' game, you're not cheering the healthy and correct way, said UPMC and Duquesne University voice experts who offered some tips for avoiding such a problem Monday after the Super Bowl."

Obama rooting for Steelers in Super Bowl
Obama said, "the Steelers are probably the team that's closest to my heart."

Super Bowl win for Steelers predicted by tiger cubs

"A 6-month-old gold female cub nicknamed “Bennie” for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger carried for four touchdowns versus three touchdowns by a 5-month-old white male cub nicknamed “Kurt” for Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner."

Pittsburgh and football: a mystical connection
"In Pittsburgh, even lawyers can be spotted wearing jerseys over their business suits on game-week Fridays."

Fan Who Survived Steelers Heart Attack Ready For Sunday
Terry O'Neill Had Heart Attack Following Bettis Fumble

Pioneer Steelers trainer is Asian secret weapon

"Is a top draw for Asian reporters this week."

Cardinals fans in Tampa an endangered species

Cardinals fans indeed are rare birds.

Move over Will Smith: Stylish Mike Tomlin's Super star on the rise
"The Fresh Prince, Tomlin could talk and dance with the best of them."

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