Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Heart The Earth

As Earth Day approaches, I’ve learned that there are different shades of being green. I, most likely fall under pale green – also knows as “nevergreen.” That means that I’m live an almost to never green lifestyle. Yeah I walk to work and take my reusable bags to Whole Foods when I remember, but I don’t recycle, compost, and I like to print documents when I review them. I know that I should be doing little things to help the environment, but I don’t act on it.

While the green fad is a little less hyped this year due to more pressing issues, I’ve still been reading some good “green tips” that I thought I would share. Heck, maybe my reader will become a lime green after making these small lifestyle changes!

* Skip meat once a week. I just recently learned that by skipping meat you help the environment.

* At work, we were encouraged to set our print options to double-sided. I read in Glamour that if you do this simple thing, then you will use 75 percent less paper (use single spacing too!).

* Switch your light bulbs with a more eco-friendly option (duh).

* Unplug things when you aren’t using them. If the cord is plugged into the wall, but the electric item is off, it is still using power. Just pull the plug on items that are in off mode.

* Stop receiving unwanted catalogs by registering at (ah hem, Brady…Eastbay).

* By signing up for online banking, you can help save trees! If all American’s did this, the U.S. would save 2.3 tons of wood annually.

* Did you know that when you have an electronic item that is turned off, but still plugged into the wall that it is still using energy? That’s what the greens call “Phantom Power.” So unplug electronics that you aren’t using. You’ll probably notice a small difference in your electricity bill too!

(Sources: Glamour, Whole Foods Mag, O, The Oprah Magazine; Photo: Jamie Olmo, The Beautiful Earch via

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