Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ron Ron Juice

From “The Situation” to “Snookie” to GLT (Gym, Laundry, Tanning), right about now there are words you are probably sick of hearing: Jersey Shore.

While The Situation and Snookie are getting all of the press, there is one thing I think is a little overshadowed. A housemate by the name of Ron has his own panty peeler recipe called “Ron Ron Juice.” So on this Thirsty Thursday, I’ll share with you a roofie-colata recipe for your next shore party.

Ron Ron Juice
· Watermelon
· Cherries,
· Cranberry juice
· A generous amount of vodka
· Blend with ice
· Prepare bare-chested. Bump It optional.

One thing’s for shore – this drink will get you wasted. Let the fist pumpin’ begin.

Watch out Food Network. Here is a video from of Ron Ron explaining his recipe for Ron Ron Juice.

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