Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It’s back! After a mild hiatus due to the holiday season, Tech Tuesday is back. Where you last joined it, Tech Tuesday was featuring some of my favorite blogs that I read daily.

By now you have most likely given up any of your New Year’s Resolutions, but for those of you who haven’t started yet, here are some of my favorite fitness and nutrition blogs!

FitSugar: Part of the Sugar Network of blogs, FitSugar is very relatable to the daily life of 20-something gals (and the 30-something ones too – ah hem!). You can find the workout suggestions easy, the food tips fun and the playlist ideas useful!

Nuttirionista: This blog is awesome. As the disclaimer reads, the blogger is not a registered dietitian. She is just a young gal who does her best to eat healthy foods. She provides recipes that look absolutely delicious and are easy to make. I’m now a regular maker of her tomato and cucumber salad!

Fitnessista: I know, another “ista” blog. I’ve just recently been following this blog penned by a personal trainer named Lisa from Jacksonville. She blogs a bit more about her personal life, but has good fitness tips and food suggestions.

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