Friday, April 23, 2010

Shot of Randomness

Happy Friday Reader! Actually, I'm probably saying that to no one. Who's really reading Shot of Brandi* on a Friday night?!

Here are some of the best things around those crazy Internets this week…

My Other Bags are Prada: One of my favorite products that got a lot of buzz this Earth Day was this “My Other Bags are Prada” reusable bag!

Cirque de Soleil & Michael Jackson: Yes, Please!

Shoe Diva: I LOVE these shoes above. Wouldn’t they be adorable with a LBD? (Editors Note: I just found out last night that I don’t own a solid, sexy LBD. Color is my signature color).

Barbie’s Career Path: A nice little ditty from the Wall Street Journal to satisfy my girl crush on Barbie.

Middle Child Made: Gosh, do I swoon over a set of sassy stationary. I got a good kick out of Middle Child Made.

(Photos: Middle Child Made, Bag Ladies, Oak NYC)

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