Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Like Links...A Lot...

Lots of cool things happening around those crazy intenets. Here's what I am obsessing over right now...

· Do you like to party? Well Panda does. Panda actually LOVES to party. My obsession with bears and cake has me loving Panda Loves to Party. (image above from Panda Loves to Party)

· Speaking of bears, after watching this video, I want a Nissan and a polar bear. You all know that I have a soft spot for polar bears (ah, hem lost reader Michael). My polar bear will give hugs too - just like Augie.

· The fashion world really loves a good mullet. First they brought back the shorty-long hair do, now let us all say hello to the mullet dress. It's basically a short heamline in the front, party in the back. Oh and I don't care what anyone says, I think January Jones rocked the mullet dress at the Emmy's! That girl can do no fashion wrong.

· This is MY kind of diet – According to a story in Cosmo, wine may help you lose weight!

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