Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gift-a-Day: Burgh Bubbles

When I lived in Chicago and would go home to Pittsburgh, some weird tick went off in my head and I had to purchase everything that said “Pittsburgh” (not Panthers) or “West Virginia University” on it and then take it back to Chicago. I have pens, shot glasses, numerous apparel items. Let’s just say that I’m stocked up.

However, there’s one item that may be on my list as a host/hostesses gift for non-Pittsburgh natives OR for friends that now live afar – Pittsburgh Bubbles N’At.

Created by Dreadnought Wines and sold in their Strip District store, the bubbly is actually made in California using French grapes.

Pittsburgh Bubbles N’At retails for $14.99.

(found via – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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