Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pooper Bowl

Ugh. I’m feeling so non-excited for the Super Bowl.

No, I’m not being a party pooper just because my Steelers aren’t in it. I guess it’s just because it’s New York vs. the Pats. 

Pats fans are passionate, but Brady’s been in this game so many times that story line is just feels like Groundhog Day (pun intended). And sorry reader Trish, I hate looking at Brady and his awful hair. Then there's the Giants. I really don't have much to say about the Giants. Yawn. 

So since I’m bored with the bowl, but you may not, I’m going to recycle some old ideas just in case you are celebrating the big game.

·         Simple Bowl Party
·         Jalapeno Popper Dip
·         Klondike Root Beer Floats
·         Sue’s Italian Beef  
Oh and here are some ideas from other peeps:
·         Food & Wine
·         Epicurious
·         Celebration Shoppe
·         Food ideas from The Nest

Oh and ladies – one tip. Don’t fluff up the Super Bowl party. All those ideas on Pinterest that are like DIY mini bags of chips…seriously. Think of the expression on your guys face when you hand him that mini bag with a homemade glitter football sticker. Just.don’ This is not a time to go girly. 

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