Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As the recipient of the David E. Williams 8th Grade Art Award, you can imagine that I’m a fan of the Draw Something game / app. Let’s just say that I tend to enjoy playing games after a long day. Maybe I’m a gamer? I’ve gone from Mario to Oregon Trail to Tetris to Spider Solitaire to Words with Friends now Draw Something.

If you aren’t familiar with this app, you play a game against a friend or a random in which you are given three words to draw. Your opponent can see you drawing the image and then they have to guess the word which is hidden in a jumble of letters.

A naturally social person, I’m constantly thinking of how you can bring things that people do online to real life. For this current obsession sweeping the national, this concept is simple – host a Draw Something Party.

For this I’m thinking you mix a little Pictionary with a little Celebrity.

·         Get snacks
·         Buy a large dry erase board and markers
o   You may need an easel for this
·         Invite friends over
·         Have everyone write down three words
·         Put all of the words into a jar
·         Divide the group into two teams
·         Have one “drawer” pick a word from the jar and draw for their team
·         The team with the most points at the end wins (duh)

Of course I love a theme, so some other ideas for food, drinks and decor:
·         Serve drinks made with Van Gogh Vodka
·         Play The Artist in the background
·         I LOVE what Facebook did at South by Southwest – they brought the Facebook wall to light with white paper that guests could sign
·         As an alternative to the white board, purchase oversized white easel paper (get the kind with that is sticky at the top). Place players drawings around the room and vote on the best pic, most creative, etc. at the end of the night
·         For food, think COLOR – fruits, bold colored veggies – maybe DIY pizza bar?

Oh and if you are a fan of the game, check out these AMAZING pics. My naked stick figures are totally embarrassed. 

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