Monday, May 20, 2013

Work Workout Plan

Do you spend 8+ hours a day sitting at your work desk? After becoming angry with the amount of time I spent sitting at my desk on conference calls, I started to research ways to move around in my cube. I looked into ordering foot petals and other items. Then, I saw this awesome story in Entrepreneur about ways to add more movement to your daily work routine. Aside from the awesome tips in this story, here’s a few more that I found during my search.

·         While I liked the idea of taking the stairs more and lunges during conference calls, WebMD has some suggestions that are a bit “high impact” or just plain weird to me like 1 minute of jumping jacks and rapid walks around the conference room.

·         Greatist mentions “The Wall (Street) Sit.” If you’ve ever participated in an aerobics class, you know how wall sits can help you feel the burn.

·         Leg raises while typing documents (or entering your time – you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout PR pros)…SO SIMPLE! Here’s 10 tips from Forbes.

·         Another Entrepreneur story – Desk Yoga

Would you consider adding any of these movements to your daily work routine? 

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