Laters, Baby. I'm Going To Meet Christian Grey.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unless my lady friends have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the 50 Shades of Grey book series. You know, guy friends probably know about this too. I’m guessing your wife has been obsessed with the book, but you don’t mind her attention elsewhere because it may be helping you in other ways. Meow!

I must say, this one had me at a relationship contract. Will she sign it or not? Then I was HOOKED.

Let me be honest – the writing is awful. I’m not a great writer, so when I call writing awful, it’s awful. And I wasn’t hooked for the raunchy sex scenes. Rather to just find out “how is this going to end.”

A co-worker mentioned that the first of the three books was the topic of her book club and a light went off in my head – this is a GREAT party theme for your next GNO (in honor of Miley’s engagement – that is short for Girls’ Night Out).

Here’s how I’d plan a PG-13 50 Shades of Grey party


  • ·         I mean the color theme of this party is more obvious than the fact that Reese Witherspoon was expecting – it’s a GREY party! Grey tablecloths, napkins, plates – you name it, a shade of grey is the color!


  • ·         In Christian Grey style, and email invitation will suffice. Don’t forget to sign it “Laters Babe.” Bonus points for securing a Christian Grey email address or creating a Grey Enterprises letterhead on your email : )


  • ·         Of course all of us ladies love it when Christian tells Ana that she needs to eat more (and wear designer shoes). So food is important at this party!!
  • ·         The book is based in Seattle, so how about so seafood. I’m thinking an oyster bar!
  • ·         Some “plain vanilla” ice cream with red Twizzle ropes.


  • ·         What about a Charlie Tango Mango Peach Sangria?!
  • ·         If you’re looking to party, maybe a shot of Christian GREY GOOSE! Or a BJ shot ; )


  • ·         I’m going there – this would be a sex toy party. I mean you’ve got to!
  • ·         And of course you need to discuss the books!
  • ·         Save up your celeb magazines and have guests make a collage of the actors and actresses that they would cast in the movie. My picks? Armie Hamer and Lily Collins or Lucy Hale.