Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I’m not gonna lie. This Tech Tuesday update freaks me the heck out.

Have you hear about Chatroulette?

Wikipedia defines Chatroulette as “A Web site that pairs random strangers for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the Web site randomly begin an online chat (video, audio and text) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.”

So yeah, remember how chat rooms were popular in the mid-90’s? Well this is like TMI chat rooms! You can see the other person! They could be any where in the world AND can be wearing anything – or nothing!

More disturbing, Chatroulette was created by a 17-year-old high school student in Moscow.

Chatroulette is gaining momentum at a crazy speed. In November 2009, there were 500 visitors per day. The site was featured on a number of news outlets in the U.S. and now it has 1.5 million users!

So what do you think? Is Chatroulette cool or creepy? Would you try it? Who wants to be no one answers me because six people read this blog? Hahha!

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Why You So Obsessed With Me

Monday, March 29, 2010

I’m obsessed with spring. Here are a few more things I’m obsessing over right now.

· Mrs. Lillian: I can’t believe I am sharing my secret blog obsession with you, but in the words of Pee Wee Herman – if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it. Well, I would marry Mrs. Lillian if she wasn’t taken (and if I didn’t have an amazing fiancé). Mrs. Lillian is a stylist who creates a total look each day. And each day I die.

· Elva Fields: Mrs. Lillian and I share a love of Elva Fields. This jewelry designer makes the most gorgeous costume babbles. Thanks to the NYC garment district, I’ve got some gems that I can’t wait to style together to create my own Elva knock off.

· Bob “Huggy Bear” Huggins: Final Four. Need I say more?!

· Ricola Lemon Mint: I must give a little shout out to Ricola for getting me through the last two weeks of sore throat, coughing, sneezing and sniffling. You are delicious and make me happy.

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Make a Lucky T

Monday, March 15, 2010

Loyal readers know that St. Patrick’s Day is a big time of year at the Smithkowski residents (that’s Brady and I’s celebrity name).

Since 2006, we’ve been welcoming guests to Chicago to celebrate the American-glorified “holiday.” And this year did not disappoint.

While I don’t have any fancy décor or recipes to share, I do have a quick and easy craft project.

In about 15 minutes, I made a fancy bedazzled t-shirt for under $20. Here’s how you can make your own customized shirt for an upcoming holiday or party!

· Purchase gems from a craft store. For this shirt, I got some sweet shamrocks.
· Buy an expensive shirt. I got mine at Old Navy.
· Place some cardboard or a hard surface in between the two layers of the shirt.
· Lay out the gems while you warm up a hot glue gun.
· Glue down the gems – but be careful not to burn your fingers.


Pretty easy, right?
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I'd Like to Thank The Bloggers...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Did yesterday's post give you Red Carpet Feaver? Here are some additional ideas for hosting your own Oscar's Party from around the blogs-o-sphere:

· Loyal readers will know that last yearI mentioned having a pop corn bar at your Academy Awards Party. This year’s spin? The perfectly packaged popcorn balls (shown above) from Sunday Suppers.

· That Bakeralla did it again. OMG how cute are these Oscar Cookies (left)

· I LOVE the food suggestions from Biz Bash. From the “Up in the Air” airplane meals, to the “Precious”-themed Sapphires (after the author of the book the film was based on)

· Check out my homegirl (we are Facebook friends and she calls me - not joking) Cathy Riva's Oscar Tips that will be featured this week on E! You'll notice some of my clients in the segment.
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Ain't Nothing But An Oscar Party

Have an Olympics hangover? Looking for something to do this week to fill the void of your new obsession over snow-sports? Channel your energy on planning an Oscar-viewing party for this Sunday, March 7th. Here are some tips, inspired by the nominated films and actors, to get you started!

· While you would typically look cheap for doing this, create a bar for the night filled with mini alcohol bottles in honor of my favorite movie of the year “Up in the Air.”

· Inspired by “Up,” which is nominated for Best Picture, tie a bunch of balloons to a gingerbread house.

· Recycle your Super Bowl party goods to pay homage to “The Blind Side.”

· Give props to “District 9” by channeling your inner extraterrestrial with alien-themed candy.

· Blue cocktails are a must for “Avatar” fans. Bonus points for guests who come in blue full-body paint!

· For a different spin on the movie “An Education,” create an interactive learning station with a new food or beverage. From a buffet of different cheeses to whiskeys, the possibilities are endless.

· While “Julie & Julia,” didn’t get a Best Picture nod, Meryl Streep is up for Best Actress. Celebrate this picture with some signature Julia Child recipes.

Tomorrow I'll have some awesome tips from around the blog-o-sphere!

P.S. – If you follow my PR agency on Twitter, you will see some of these tips in our Tweets this week. I entered them ; )
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