Tea for TWO!

Monday, July 31, 2017

To celebrate my daughter’s second birthday we recently hosted a Tea for TWO “pa-tea” for a small group of family and friends!

I love a good theme party, but didn’t want to over-do it for a second birthday so I tried to keep things as simple as possible.  

Birthday Girl in a Tea Cup dress from Lassie Girl via Etsy!

While planning the party I searched the internet for tea party activities for both boys and girls (and under the age of like 6) and had a hard time finding a central location for ideas, so I thought I would share a few activities I planned here in case anyone else is looking for ideas!

Decorate A Cup
I purchased these plastic cups from a local craft store (Pat Catan’s) and then grabbed Crayons, colored pencils and markers. To prevent messes, I purchased a roll of pink paper to cover the table. You could also print out some tea cup/pot coloring pages and activities for the table!

Make a Hat / Tie
Hats are so symbolic of a tea party and I knew that activity would go over well with the little ladies, but not so much for the boys. I decided to cut out foam ties for the boys to personalize. Here’s a little secret - I bought the hats and most of the foam decorating supplies from the Dollar Store!

Candy Necklace Station
Another activity for the kids to “get fancy” was the candy necklace station. The Dollar Store again came to the rescue with gummy Lifesavers and peach/raspberry rings. My mom also found some hard-candy necklace kits to add to the table. I had some plastic string on hand that I pre-cut for the kids to make a necklace!

Pin the Cup on the Saucer
A variation of the popular “pin the tail on the donkey,” my sister-in-law hand-lettered the kids names on to cups for this game that I just made with some poster board!

For food, our venue supplied a waffle bar, which was a hit with both the kids and adults! Speaking of the over 21 crowd, we had a “Tipsy Tea” station with some alcoholic tea and wine - because no kids party is complete without that, amiright!?


For those living in the Pittsburgh area, we held the party at Carnegie Coffee Company and the location was perfect! I highly recommend working with Ashley and Sue to host an event in their super cool space!
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