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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I’m a really annoying person (in general), but especially at a craft show, fair, festival...whatever you want to call it. Everything I see, I either verbally or mentally say “I can make that.”

Sometimes I really can. Other times I fail miserably. There are also times where i buy the “ingredients” but just never make the final product.

Recently I’ve re-imagined two pieces of clothing for my mini me using Old Navy items as a base. You may remember that I did that in the past here, here, here and here.

This time, my projects included an on-trend embellished jean jacket and WVU dress utilizing Circuit paper.

The embellished jean jacket trend has me reminiscing about the time that i begged my parents for a LA Gear jean jacket for at least two months. I saved up allowance, did extra chores and finally earned that jacket. With the help of some iron on patches from Hobby Lobby and Target, Lennon now has her very own embellished jean jacket!

This craft is so simple: Buy patches. Iron on.

I was going to buy some from Amazon, but local craft stores came through with some options! I was going to add some enamel pins, but i didn’t want to injure my child.

Next up was the WVU dress. When I saw the blue and white striped dress at Old Navy, I thought - I can turn that into a Mountaineer dress. And I did just that.

I don’t have a fancy Circuit machine, so I printed out the flying WV and cut it out from the gold paper. Then, ironed it on to the dress.

I’m pretty jazzed at how these turned out and can’t wait to create some more DIY Old Navy items!
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