Off The Hook Tuna Recipe

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Many of you know that my day job is not blogger - SHOCKER, right!?

Thank god it isn’t because I blog like once a month if I’m lucky now.

My day job is focusing on public relations - and actually content - but for paying clients.

Let’s just say that one of my clients is a “local boutique grocery store that specializes in seafood.”

Earlier this year, I spent some time with one of the team members on a television segment that focused on an easy seared sesame crusted ahi tuna recipe. You guys. I’m hooked.

This recipe is so easy. And, cooking semi-raw tuna is so easy. In fact, I don’t even follow a recipe now.

I took some snaps before I cooked this dish last week, which by the way smoked up my house. I’ll probably wait a few weeks to make it again when I can air out the place.

Here’s what I did:

  • Bought the tuna fresh - not frozen. If the tuna looks sketch, ask the fish monger if it’s “sushi grade” or just tell them you plan to eat it semi-raw.

  • When I was about to cook the tuna, I coated it in a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper and lemon.

  • Then, I rolled the outside of the tuna in sesame seeds (I need to get some of the black seeds still).

  • I put oil in a pan and got it really hot. Like smoking hot. (Hence, why I almost caused sprinklers to go off).

  • You then cook the tuna for about 45 seconds on each side and you are DONE. Dinner in under 5 minutes!

I know my “recipe” is a little wonky because I tend to improvise, but here are some recipes from the experts:


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