Happy Owl-O-Ween!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I love pulling out my craft box and whipping up something original.

This year I decided to be an owl. This was SUPER easy to make - I just cut a felt dress and then lots of feathers, then hot glued them on starting at the bottom.

Hoot hoot! This is me owling in the woods!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great artists are often remembered for their masterpeices. But in order to make an awesome creation, you often produce some, well…duds.

Let’s just say that my take on a Kate Spade-inspired canvas just may have failed.  

The blogger being Mint Loves Social Club took a Kate Spade plate and made this canvas. Cute, right?

In our new pad, the hubs and I have a pale blue bedroom and charcoal grey bedspread. The only thing hanging on the walls are these Ikea mirrors.  

Wall art is an area where the hubs and I can’t agree on what we like, so I tried to DIY the canvas above, but use squares vs. the dots to match up with the mirrors. Oh and the wall in the bedroom came with two huge screws, so I had to make two canvas prints.

This is what I came up with.
Note that the one on the right is silver too - there's just some light bouncing off of it. 


Gosh, now that I'm putting this up for public scrutiny, I'm realizing that it sucks. 

The hubs HATED my first attempt where I left some white space at the top, so he talked me into adding more squares.

I need some honest reader reaction. Do the prints come down or not??
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Roe Roe Roe Rosettes

Monday, October 24, 2011

So I forgot to tell you all that I’ve almost mastered the art of making my own rosettes. Yes. Those little flowers that I adore on almost any type of clothing, shoe, home good – I can now make them.

Well, the other day I saw a rosette table runner!! (I can't find that darn pic right now)

I’m thinking that this is totally makeable for a small bridal or baby shower or dinner party. If I would ever attempt this for a wedding, I may hot glue my hands together.

Here's popular runner from the fab company EmersonMade

While taking a moment to soak in the awesomeness of the rosette runner, I was thinking…what else could I rosette? I was thinking big and it hit me…

A wall.

Yes, bare with me.

It’s combo Big Ben’s wedding, mixed with fabric, mixed with a small room.

It can be done. Maybe one really snowy Saturday – and if that day comes and we own a place lol. If I get this baby up, I’m NOT taking it down in a year.

So I did a little internets search of a rosette wall to illustrate what I’m talking about here and this is what I came up with…

This paper rosette wall doesn’t cover the full wall, but provides a cool backdrop for a candy bar.(source)

Now this is getting more like it (source)

Pottery Barn Kids getting into the flower thing (source)

A white wedding (source)

Carnation wall (source)
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B Flu Cure

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you are my friend and you read this blog, then at some point in your life I’m guessing that you suffered from a hangover (or what my mom calls "The Bonkowski Flu" - that means you aren't hungover...you're "sick"). The room is spinning, you head is pounding, you can’t get comfortable, you can’t sleep, you are nauseous. We’ve all been there (some of us last weekend or even today – what can I say, my friends are awesome).

While my hangover secret is simple – Coca-Cola (not diet, regular) – I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs link to this recipe for Hangover Pizza. I love this concept!

Hangover Pizza would be awesome to make after a friend’s birthday, during the holidays (Thanksgiving morning after a wild night out before) or even on New Year’s Day! Heck, for me, this is great for this Saturday or Sunday or Monday…I kid!

Hangover Pizza (from MSNBC)

Recipe: Hangover pizza

  • 1 pound of pizza dough, at cool temperature (you can often buy dough from a local pizzeria or gourmet market, like Whole Foods)
  • 10 ounces of robiola cheese, rind removed, at room temperature
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of white truffle oil
  • 4 eggs
About 30 minutes before baking the pizza, preheat oven to 500 degrees and place a large rimless or upside-down baking sheet in the lower third of the oven.
Roll out dough on floured parchment paper, place on baking tray and bake for 8 minutes, popping any bubbles that pop up while cooking.
Spread softened cheese, salt and pepper on the baked dough. Top with arugula and crack the four eggs on top. Place pizza back in the oven for three to five minutes until the eggs are cooked.
Sprinkle finished pizza with truffle oil

Oh and speaking of hangovers, how cute is this party favor? Perfect for a wedding or New Year's Eve party! 
 The kit includes a light blocking mask, Tylenol, tums and a bottle of water! Genius! 
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Getting Mugged

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s really true what they say. When you hit 30, a lot of things go downhill and you officially become “old.” I know, my older readers are violently yelling at their computers right now, but what I’m saying is there are some things that change. Like that Greenday song that you made out to at a concert in high school is now played on the easy listening station. AND you are listening to the easy listening station. Then Starbucks raises its prices and you go into full Occupy mode on “the man.”

Yes. I admit. All of those things above happened to me this week. I’ve been trying to brew my iced tea at work and one thing that helped me from shedding a tea about not seeing Robin my barrista every morning is that my cup is uber cute. You see, it’s a Kate Spade mug that I got on sale at Macy’s. As I was purchasing it, I’m thinking – mugs are super cute.

So lately I’ve been on a mug kick. Here are some I’m loving.

A mug can make a perfect housewarming gift, birthday present, holiday gift for that person you aren’t sure that you need to buy something for or a just because pick me up for a friend. Upgrade it with a coffee shop gift card (I deliberately didn’t say the S word)

I really enjoy these two cost-effective Tiffany mugs - Fifth Ave mug and Blue Bow

Two Kate Spade favs this chick (the mug I got on sale at Macy’s) and this one with books.

Augh! Love this Sesame Street mug!

Cute bridal shower, wedding or engagement gift
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Look Whooo's 1!

Reader, sorority sister and MILF Stef recently had a super adorable first birthday party theme that is just too cute not to share here. Her beyond charming daughter Eden celebrated her birthday with a “Look Whoooo’s 1” party.

You see, Steffie was a Chi Omega like me, so now that owl d├ęcor is so posh, I think this party is Stef’s way of secretly convincing Eden that she will one day be destined to be a TableDancingFakeIDCarryingFratLovingBeerChugging Chi Omega!

Owl stuff is so "in" right now and you can find some awesome decor via Etsy, party stores and even Target!

Success!! Thanks for letting me post, Steffie!
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The Apple of My Eye

Monday, October 17, 2011

For about a week now, I’ve been craving a good caramel apple. Maybe it’s my new found loveobsession with salted caramels or maybe it’s that hint of fall that is in the weather. Or if could be the fact that my style crush Suri Cruise was spotted at my local pumpkin patch. Whatever it is, I’m craving a good caramel apple.

Actually, I think it may be the awesome recipes that I’ve been seeing on the world wide web. 

Update: As I finished this post, I was noshing on a good Whole Foods caramel apple. Mission accomplished! (Brady did look at me a big funny as I was biting on it while looking at pictures of caramel apples)
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You Are An Obsession

Check out the things that I’m lovin’ from the internets:

·         This sign from Urban Outfitters says it all: “Drinkin with my Bitches"

  • Ugh! After FOUR random Blackberry shut off’/restarts in the last three months, I decided that I may officially move to the iPhone later this year. When that happens, one of these Tibi designed cases. Way too cute.

  •  How stinkin’ cute is this Kate Spade Owl purse!? Perfect of HallOWLeen
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Crown Jewels

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On my London to do list was a trip to the famous Harrods department store. Brady was yawning, but I was all “this is a tourist attraction.” I know what he was thinking in his head – “no, this is her excuse to get me to go shopping.” Let’s just say he was super shocked when he realized that this massive building/department store WAS really a tourist attraction. When you enter a store and they have a “store guide” map of the ground, you know they mean business.

Other than the DesigerGoodsThatIWillNeverAfford and sections of the store called “Cosmetics Hall,” “The Gift Bureau” and “Pet Spa,” my favorite part of the store was the food court. I mean the depth of the delectable candy room was just insane. Truffles galore! I won’t even get into the prepared food (um, cavier!) or wine bar. 

We took a trip to the “Writing Room” where I discovered works by Anzu on display. Described as “Bejeweled Prints” these hand-decorated works of art feature Swarovski crystals on sketches of beautiful baubles.

These photos do not do the originals justice, but trust me – the real life prints are awesome.

Oh how I only wish they sold the prints online. Come on Anzu – set up an Etsy page!!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Shot of Brandi* went a little Euro over the last two weeks. Not only did I bring back some shot glasses, vintage jewelry and a cold, I also took some photo gifts for my readers. These are things that I spotted from afar that reminded me of my friends.

Don't be offended if I didn't find something for you. There was so much to see, I may have missed a hidden gem! 

For Reader Brian. As requested, jumping pictures. 

(Note that the second shot is of Abbey Road in London. It's a bit difficult to jump in this cross walk cars are coming at you)

For Reader Lindsay. Spotted in a tiny bar in the town of Killarney in Ireland.  

For Reader Lauren. Is LaGondala a chain? It looks so much nicer in Dublin! 

For Reader Amy. I was going to buy this for you, but I thought Reesie may get jealous. 

For Sometimes Reader Brady Carpenter (Trish - just tell him this is up here). Your first and last name are Irish. Here is what your full name, double crest would look like lol. 

For Reader Lynn Lai (aka Pecking Queen). I'm not sure if this is "THE" Boone Co., but it's close enough. Spotted in a Ireland bar. 

For Readers of Chi Omega. I present you with two treats. A Guinness Owl and...ME. In front of beheaded statues of Demeter and Persephone. I found it fittingly awesome that the statue that you can see on the left was the god of wine. 

We still have some pics to upload to the computer, so I may have some more treats for you! Also, I'm going to try and get all of my AwesomeVacationDiscoveries out of the way this week, so that I don't bore you forever!

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