A Magical Non-Candy Valentine Treat

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Further proof that my child is really my child, she loves holidays. For Valentine’s Day, she selected an adorable unicorn card from Minted.

She now attends a school that doesn’t allow food-related treats for holidays, so while brainstorming treat ideas, I stumbled upon the idea of making our own crayons. I’ve always wanted to try this and we have an abundance of less-than-perfect crayons laying around the house (and in my purses).

When the molds arrived from Amazon, I was so excited to get started. However, my 4-year-old had a breakdown. It took a few minutes to understand what happened, but she thought we were making unicorn CROWNS vs. CRAYONS. Perhaps a little Pittsburgh-ese misunderstanding.

To compromise, she handed out two treats - CRAYONS & CROWNS.

Back to the crayon making.

This was so easy and I can’t wait to try it again. First, you need some old crayons. Peel off the wrapper. Or, like i found out too late, use a knife or scissors to help get the wrapper off. I don’t suggest allowing the kids to use the sharp object to do that!

Then, break the crayons down into the mold. I tried to match some colors together and towards the end I got fancy with our molds and put some yellow or gold near the horn of the unicorn!

Once you have the molds full - but not overly full - bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes - or until the wax has melted.

We had one batch that had some non-Crayola crayons that just wouldn’t melt as easy. Just a warning if you are using some of those unwanted restaurant crayons!

After the crayons were done “cooking,” I let them cool off a little and then put them into the freezer for another 10-ish minutes.

Once they cooled off, we popped the crayons out of the mold. We did have some break, put jsut popped them back into the next batch.

Overall, it was a super easy craft that we could do together! Lennon was very proud that she helped make a gift for her friends!
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