The Search for the Perfect Work Bag

Friday, January 30, 2015

I feel pathetic admitting this, but I’m not one to get embarrassed easily so I’ll share this tidbit with you. I spent WAY too many nights last year looking for a new daily work bag. I’m totally aware that the remainder of this blog post can best be defined as a #FirstWorldProblem.

You see, I REALLY wanted the same bag that I used since September of 2008; however it was discontinued. The bag was perfect. Black nylon. Shoulder straps that didn’t fall down. It could hold a computer. It wasn’t overly branded with a logo. It had a zipper top and an inside zipper pocket. However, after five years and roughly 1,300 trips to the office (including business trips!), my trusty nylon bag started to pucker and fray at the edges.

I was in the market for something black and that met the criteria above. Knowing that this bag would hopefully last another 5+ years, I was willing to make an investment. I even saved money from Christmas and my birthday for the purchase lol.

Knowing that I put a bit of time into my search, I wanted to share with you some of my finalists for the perfect work bag in case you are considering a purchase.

  1. Longchamp – I wanted all black and I ultimately decided this bag wasn’t big enough.
  2. Tory Burch – Despite the adjustable straps, the stop was only 10 inches max. My former bag had a shoulder drop of about 12-13, which kept it on my shoulders – even over a winter coat!
  3. 3.1 Phillip Lim – Before you choke on the price of this bag – which is more than some people’s rent/mortgage, let me say that it went on major sale when I was considering it. I thought this one was a little edgy, but still classic compared to the other options I was evaluating. However, I skipped on the deal because it couldn’t hold a laptop. That shoulder strap was enticing!
  4. Gucci – Online I was excited that this bag was a nylon shopper like my former fav. However, I swung by a Prada store and walked away from this idea. The sales associate basically led me to believe that the nylon was SUPER thin – reminding me of a nylon reusable bag that I have that folds up and you put into your purse for unexpected shopping trips. NOT worth the price tag!
  5. Prada – Okay so this isn’t totally the one that I had my eyes on. It was a little like this, but more tote with longer straps (still only a 11 inch drop). The one I was looking at was half the price of this and then went on sale for even half of that. I called Saks to try and find it when it was THAT deeply discounted and they got one in two weeks later in black…but I already purchased by other bag. It’s “totes” okay though – I’m happy with my choice!

The bag I selected isn’t included in this list because frankly it’s a bit tricky to find online. I seriously lucked out and bought it the day it went on sale in the summer and then it was backordered until December. Let’s say that it meets almost all of my criteria, however it doesn’t have a zipper and it’s something I’m still adjusting to. While it’s leather on the outside, the inside is rubber – which I’ve found to be AWESOME to clean off! So while it wasn’t everything that I had hoped, I found a new quality that I love! 
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Hello 2015!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I’m not totally big on resolutions because I don’t believe that they work for me, but there’s a few things that I hope to do this year. They say sharing your goals with family and friends makes you achieve them, so here go my five goals for 2015:

Go To Brunch More. There are SO MANY great brunch options around Pittsburgh, I’d like to make Brunching my new Sunday tradition. 

Blog More. Last year was one of my lowest blogging years, but I’m okay with that. I’m working on more original content vs. links to other people’s stuff. Those posts take time, so I’m going to produce less content. Also, I don’t like to make things just for a post. I think that’s a bit wasteful. So I really only share things with you that I’m doing, making or crafting for something and frankly I haven’t been doing much of that lately! That figures now that I have a craft nook!

Learn To Sew. This will be the year that I take a sewing class and finally use my machine that’s been in the box since 2010.

Say No More and Not Feel Guilty. The hubs knows this. Sometimes when I just don’t feel like doing something, I need to find an excuse not to do it. This year I’ll learn to say no more and not feel guilty about it.

Get a Library Card. We live SUPER close to two big libraries and I LOVE to read. I need to get a library card!

Where there are things that I hope to do in 2015, there are also things I’d like to see stay back in 2014. Please note that this list is not to offend any readers!

·       Selfies & the Word Selfies. 
·       Photo Booths at Weddings & Parties.
·       The Song “All About That Bass.”
·       Mason jars and burlap.
·       Baby Girl Flower Headbands & Tutus.
·       Candy Bars (you know, like themed colored candy in jars at parties).
·       Crop Tops.  
·       Hacking. 
·       White bridesmaid dresses.
·       Ebola.

·       Facebook. I think this will be the year that I say goodbye to a personal page. Just trying to find a way to do this when you need an account to be the admin of client pages! 

Do you have any resolutions or goals? If so, I'd love to hear them!
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