Strawberry Fields FOUR-Ever

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Before my daughter turned three last year, an idea for her 4th birthday party hit me. Her name - Lennon - was of course very closely inspired by a certain musician / band. She’s a fan of the Netflix show Beat Bugs, so knows most of their songs. I knew we’d have to do ONE Beatles-themed party at some point in her life. And, this was the perfect time.

I give you - Strawberry Fields FOUR-ever! 

I scoured the internet and it doesn’t appear that anyone ever used this exact theme (or posted about it), so I thought I’d show some of the party elements here for others!

I’m typically not a fan of double themes, but I was able to make these two work with each other vs. against.

I kept the decor strawberry themed. For the “field,” I made about 30 strawberries out of construction paper that I actually had on hand! I printed a pattern from an internet search and spent a rainy afternoon cutting. I then hot glued the strawberries to sticks. Super easy. 

I decided against helium balloons this year and thank goodness I did. Apparently that helium shortage is real. Most of my usual places are out (i.e. multiple Party City locations, Dollar Stores, etc). The day before the party, I used a little hand air pump to blow up balloons. Then, I added little black dots and green construction paper stems. I created small bushels of balloons for the pillars of the picnic shelter. 

In case of rain - WHICH we totally had - I made a little “Join the band” craft. Kids could color their own guitar, get a faux tattoo, pick a pair of John Lennon glasses and walk Abbey Road. I cut the guitars out of poster board and added string so they could "wear" them. I had a vision of taking each kids’ picture to make a “backstage pass,” but my husband brought me down a level! 

Knowing that we’d likely face elements - like wind and rain - I kept the table decor simple by printing out quotes from Beatles songs. 

Truth be told, no one really took advantage of my “Penny Lane” game, but again, rain. Lol. I purchased a bundle of strawberry graphics from Etsy and had a large sheet printed at Sam’s Club. The idea was kids could throw pennies and try to get them on a strawberry. Apparently I didn't even take a picture of this, but I wanted to share the idea!

Now, for the best part. I love a good pun and this menu was FULL of puns. 

For drinks, we had:
  • Help, I need some water
  • I feel wine 
  • Lovely margaritas 
  • Helter Seltzers 
  • Here, beer and everywhere - and even a beer called 8 Days a Week! 
  • Hey, Juice (we needed something without alcohol for the kids!) 

The shelter is next to a small playground where the kids spent most of their time. We also had a strawberry piƱata per the request of the birthday girl! 

Last, but not least, my mom made favors for both the kids and moms! Kids received a strawberry-themed basket of goodies, while moms got a strawberry candle!

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