Shell Yeah: DIY Mermaid Costume

Saturday, October 29, 2016

If you read this blog, you know I have a problem. It really should have a fancy name other than “I can make that.”

You see, whenever I see certain crafty items, jewelry or apparel, I’m all like “I can make that.” This is especially true during Halloween.

This year I decided to DIY a mermaid costume for my daughter. After gathering the necessary supplies, this was SO EASY. Here is how I did it.

1. Buy Fabric - I bought stretchy fleece and a sequin fabric to use as an overlay. I thought about cutting out scales, but this route was way easier. The fleece was to provide a little warmth in the event of a cold Halloween. I'm sure you could make the tail even longer - like a stroller blanket!

2. Order Bodysuit - Thanks to Leotard Boutique for selling a nude, toddler leotard! They have other amazing options if you are DIYing a costume!

3. Make Mermaid Tail - So true confession here - I work at an advertising agency so I had a designer sketch the tail based off of a pair of my daughter’s pants. I then cut out two pieces of fleece and one piece of sequin overlay. I sewed the fleece together at the top and then added the sequins, but a more talented sewer could probably do this in one step.

4. Shell Bra (The Sea Cups!) - Originally I painted two clam shells and hot glued pins to the back, but baby girl was trying to rip them off, SO the night before her Halloween Parade, I went a different route. I’m a huge fan of Circut paper and thankfully I had some in pink at home. I found a shell pattern online, traced it, cut two shells and ironed them onto the leotard. I’m sure I could have burned the leotard, but was a risk and worked!

5. Headband - I had nothing when it came to a hair accessory (i.e. ran out of time). THANK GOD I had this star headband already in our collection. I'm sure you could do better!

And ta da! Here is the final result! I honestly couldn't be more happier with this DIY!

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I Love Halloween: Costume Ideas for 2016

Friday, October 07, 2016


I also love this annual blog post of mine - Halloween Costume Suggestions.

If you want to look back on my past ideas, here is easy access:

Okay, now on to 2016.

The best costume ideas are inspired by pop culture. Indeed the most talked about thing right now is the election, so we’ll likely see a lot of Hilarys, Trumps, Deplorables, Bills and probably some Weiners.

Beyonce’s Lemonade provides a number of costume ideas. My favorite, and most simple, is “Becky with the good hair.” Get a blow out and wear this shirt. OR be Queen B herself - either don a glam yellow gown a la this photo OR just dress up as a bee with a crown.

This summer it seemed like everyone was obsessed with Pokemon Go. Well everyone under 30. I’d imagine the explorers or Pokemon will be spotted out. Oh, also love this Pokestop!


From TV shows I’d recommend some kids from Stranger Things (Barb, Eleven, Dustin), Chanel’s from Scream Queens or Game of Thrones.


Alexander Hamilton is having a major moment. I’d love to see a toddler with a white wig!

A LOT of celebrities passed away this year. Especially those that could inspire costumes like Prince, David Bowie and even Arnold Palmer (a spiked AP in hand is a must have!).

If you go the Olympic route, there are of course the gymnasts and synchronized swimmers. If you decide to be Ryan Locthe, just don’t get arrested.


Since the 90’s are totally back, I’d recommend Cher from Clueless. Bonus points if you have a Dione.

Some easy options could be inspired by social media - think Emojis (dancing girls) or Snapchat filters like the rainbow vomit, flower crown, gold butterflies or the popular dogs (my kid actually *thinks* she is the dog).

Speaking of social media, memes are always popular costumes. One option is Harambe the Gorilla. I won’t even try to explain how this is a meme, but if you are interested I’ll let Time Magazine fill you in.

This is SO CREEPY, but the easy clown costume could be popular this year with the string of creepy clown sightings across the US.

Me? I’ve got a few DIY costumes coming. One is a family DIY (who knows if Brady will participate) and the other is a DIY for Lennon! More details coming soon!
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