My Sunny Valentine

Thursday, January 31, 2019

You guys know that I live for a good themed class treat. I feel like Valentine’s Day is a holiday where I can really get my creative juices flowing.

Last year, I already rolled with the gem-themed cards and ring pops, but saved another idea - heart sunglasses!

As soon as I possibly could, I ordered these sun-themed Valentine cards from Minted. I mean, I totally love a standard Valentine Card from Target, but I can’t help myself with personalized paper goods. Yes. I’m that extra mom.

I ordered heart-shaped sunnies from Amazon. All pink for dance class and multi-color for school. I do fear some kids may get testy with the color variety (there are some blues and greens), but oh well.

I’m planning to punch a hole in the envelopes, while avoiding the card (already testing it) and attaching the card with a ribbon.

In the end, for 30ish "treats" I came in a little under $50. So, about $1.66 per kid. A little pricey, but worth for my future homeroom mom portfolio.
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Knotty or Nice - Christmas Party Favor

Sunday, January 13, 2019

When it comes to the holidays, I try to know my limits. I can only commit to so many gatherings, cooking baking, shopping trips...the list goes on. Adding to the stress, the end of the year is always a bit hectic at work too. This year, I also vowed to stay healthy - which meant some extra trips to the cycle studio.

Knowing that the kid has holiday parties at school and dance, I tried to brainstorm early something different other than candy. I was rather proud of my dance class idea, so i had to share.

I found these $1.50 hair bows (on sale) at Target and I knew they’d be perfect for Lennon’s dance class. I scoured the internets for a cute saying to put with the bows, but couldn’t find one. So I made this up and it worked for a Christmas party favor!

With only five girls in Lennon’s class, I walked away with this party favor under $10!

I know, I know, the holidays are over. But in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I forgot to blog this. Save it for next year ; )
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