Meals on Wheels: Pittsburgh Food Trucks

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Food trucks aren’t new. Cities like Portland and Austin have had the roaming food luxury for some time now and NYC has basically had food trucks for like ever.

I was fortunate enough to see the trend take off in Chicago before we moved. In fact, my during my first run in with the cupcake truck, I also spotted the Chicago Blackhawks parading the Stanley Cup through a neighborhood bar. As a Penguins fan, I was more interested in the cupcakes.

In the last few years, Pittsburgh has hopped on the trend too. In the fall, Brady and I went to a food truck rally in our hood and tried foods from two trucks (mentioned below). If you are looking for some quick eats in the ‘burgh, here are some options!

·         Dozen: Cupcake truck. Enough said.
·         Franktuary: Hot Dogs. This is one of the trucks that the hubs and I sampled. Delish!
·         BRGR: The delish burgers from BRGB and amazing kettle chips. Just if they could sell the spiked shakes.
·         Pittsburgh Taco Truck: This one is on my list.
·         Polish Pierogi Truck: Yoi! Yum! Not only do they serve Perogis, but they also have Haluski!

Wanna see more food trucks in Pittsburgh? Visit to sign the petition! 
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Picture, Picture

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo Booths have been a trend at parties, events and weddings for a rather long time now. While I’m a bit over the trend, there are three new twists on the booth/photo favor that I do find amusing.

·         Gif Booth: Rather than just take a photo, make a Gif! (For those of you that don’t know, a Gif is one of those quick video files that you often see on blogs and websites). Oh and that video file will ensure that your guests are sharing coverage of your event with their social media networks ; )

·         Caricaturists: Another trend that took off in the last two years – illustrators at parties. Rather than walk away with some photo booth pics, you can give guests the gift of a custom illustration!

·         Instaprint: This company allows you to rent machines that will print guests Instagram photos live at your event! 
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Candyless Valentine's Day

Monday, February 11, 2013

Around the holidays, the more parents and teachers that I talked to, the more told me that their child wasn’t able to take treats into school for birthdays and holidays. Let me rephrase that – they could take treats in, but they needed to be healthy treats. FUN SUCKERS!

This must be a national trend, because I’m seeing more and more “treats” that aren’t exactly food, but small prezzies (girlspeak for presents).

Here are a few that caught my eye for Valentine’s Day…

Loving You Wouldn’t Be a Mistake eraser via Land of Nod blog

Puzzle via Nest of Posies (via House & Home)

Other Ideas….
·         “Blowing Valentine’s Day Kisses” - bubbles
·         “You are a-dough-able” - Playdoh
·         “You make my heart bounce” – ball
·         “You’re #1 In my book” - bookmark
·         “I only have eyes for you” – sunglasses
·         “You’re a gem” – gems
·         “You sparkle” – glitter
·         “You’re dino-mite” – plastic dinosaurs
·         “I dig you” – plastic shovels
·         “You light up my life” – glow sticks or flashlight  
·         “You’re super” – cape
·         “You add color to my life” – crayons
·         “You rock” – ring

I could keep going…if you have any ideas, write them in the comment section! 
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Suck It Cupid: Anti-Valentine's Day

I have a love/hate relationships with Valentine’s Day. I like the pretty pink and red décor and the thought of sharing cards with friends and family…but I hate the whole “You need to buy your loved one a present” thing. I also hate how the holiday can make single people feel lonely.

I’ve always loved companies that went “anti-Valentine’s Day” with creative products. Here are some that caught my eye this year.

1. This just may be the best anti-V-Day gift I’ve ever seen. From Sugarfina, it’s simple gummy candy packaged so freaking cute. For $16, the set of three gummies include “Stop Kissing Frogs,” “Men are Pigs,” and “Plenty of Fish in the Sea.” The pretty package also includes a $5 Sugarfina gift card!

8. Bittersweets  
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I Need (Pittsburgh Event) Space

Sunday, February 10, 2013

If I’d ever open my own business, right now it would be a stationary store/party goods store by day and event space by night (let me know if you want to fund that). I once felt that is one thing Pittsburgh lacks – a space that that you can rent for parties and bring in your own caterer that isn’t a fire hall or VFW.

Well now, there are more event space popping up! First there was J. Verno Studios. We attending two weddings there last year and they were both AWESOME.

Here are some recent additions to the PGH event space scene.

·         The Studio on Fifth: In Shadyside/Oakland, there is the Studio on Fifth at WQED. This space was where Mister Rogers Neighborhood was filmed! You can pretty much host anything here – weddings, galas, birthday parties, shows – you name it!

·         Mansions on Fifth:  Another Shadyside spot, this place is a serious mansion. You can rent various rooms for dinner parties, showers, birthdays. I see this as an alternative to a country club event. They also host a lot of music nights!

·         BCP Studio: Event planner Bill Chisnell is opening his Strip District studio (near the History Center!) for rentals. While the website isn’t updated, if you do a bit of digging, you can see past events held here!

·         Engine 25: This place is SUPER rad. My company held its holiday part here. An old fire house in the Strip District/Lawrenceville, it’s also a photo studio, winery and Roberto Clemente museum – all open for your party! While it seems very random, it’s an excellent place to host a wedding, birthday party, rehearsal dinner or shower.  And the red wine is FANTASTIC.

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Shot of Mom Birthday Shot

Thursday, February 07, 2013

It’s Thirsty Thursday and……SHOT OF MOM’S BIRTHDAY!! You know what that means?!

We feature Shot of Mom’s Favorite Drink!

Mom's Birthday Dinner - Janet was playing the role of "Dad" for the night due to snow! 

Sue trends to indulge in a variety of alcoholic beverages like “Strong Island” Iced Teas, Little Beers, wine, beer, etc. So I wasn’t sure what “go to” drink to feature here, so I asked Shot of Mom and she said – “Chocolate Covered Pretzel Shots.”

By Sue’s request, here is the recipe for Chocolate Covered Pretzel via the Frangelico website:

·       1oz Frangelico 
·       1oz Whipped Vodka

Directions: Shake with ice, pour in shot glass. Lick salt then take shot.
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Hunting for Wall Art

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My husband has a new obsession (he’s going to be mad at me for writing this). He’s obsessed with HGTV. I think this started on a recent trip to Cleveland when we turned on HGTV before getting ready to explore the city. Both of us were sucked in.

While Brady is obsessed with HGTV, I’m obsessed with trying to incorporate animal heads into our apartment décor. Yes, you heard me. Animal heads. Not so much the kind that my grandparents have, but faux heads.

Speaking of my grandparents, they have a deer head in their game room. Growing up my pap told me that the deer was running through the garage and got stuck in the wall and they left him there. And that his other half was in the garage. I totally believed this for at least a year (or more).

Beginning last year, I began to see animal heads pop up on a lot of blogs. Now they are going mainstream in stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm. Here’s some décor photos and places to purchase your own!


10. White Faux Taxidermy Pink Deer

11. AIC Faux Taxidermy Moose
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