Gather Your Besties & Celebrate GALentine's Day

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Thanks to Amy Phoeler and the show Parks & Rec there is totally a trend out there that I can get behind – GALentine’s day! Just like the name sounds, it’s a celebration of your gal pals on Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, consider hosting your gal pal celebration on Thursday or Friday or even Sunday! Here are some ways your can celebrate!

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Let’s get real – your dude likely doesn’t want to see this movie. Some of the movie theaters in Pittsburgh are located rather close to mani/pedi salons, so you could totally make a day of this – which cocktails before and after the movie of course!

Brunch: My favorite entertaining time because people likely aren’t booked during brunch hours, hit up a spot that has deals on mimosas and bloody Mary’s! Or you can always play host! If you play host, there are tons of fun “bar” options like a coffee bar, yogurt & granola bar, cereal bar and of course bloody Mary and mimosa bars! A must have favor? Waffle Lip Balm.

Secret Cupid Gift Exchange: Think Secret Santa, but more badass because cupid has a bow and arrow! Set a limit and buy each other fun gifts!

Flower Arranging Class: Flowers and chocolate are likely the two most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. Make an arrangement for yourself by looking for a local floral shop or conservatory that may offer a flower arranging class!

Cake Decorating Class: Along the lines of flower making, research bakeries to see if they offer any cake decorating classes.

Try On Wedding Dresses: This one is a bit out there, but this idea comes from an episode of Friends and from sometimes reader Trish. Make an appointment to go and try on wedding dresses and even bridesmaid dresses…even if everyone is already married or not even engaged. Bonus points for wearing an awesome CZ ring from Kohls!

Binge Drink & Movie Party: Just like the fancy title describes, invite friends over for a chick flick binge watching party with an abundance of alcohol. Attire calls for sweatpants.

Make Valentine’s: Something memorable that I did in high school student council and college sorority days was make Valentine’s for local nursing homes and then deliver them. If you are looking for a charitable spin on Galentine’s Day, get out your construction paper, glitter and markers and go nuts! 
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