Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Monday, December 21, 2009

The other day I was looking for photos to make yet another collage of pictures sure to embarrass my friends and it hit me – no one takes a bad picture anymore with the use of digital cameras. All bad pictures are deleted or never shared. So for this next gift category – Prettiest Smile – the field of potential winners is rather deep.

For your friend who always looks awesome when flashing their pearly whites, or the friend that could use some help, here are some suggests for the person with the Prettiest Smile.

Polaroid Pogo ($199.00): People were outraged when Polaroid cameras went into extinction. Well, the company did away with the old staple to make way for a fun digital camera. Low and behold the Polaroid Pogo. I love the capability to print pics onsite and hand them out to your pals. This nifty gadget would also come in handy to capture fun pics at your next party.

Estee Lauder Lipstick Luxuries Gift Set ($37.50): To keep those lips perfectly tinted, present your talkative friend with a set of lip glosses.

GoSmile ($9.99): Reader Dana introduced me to Go Smile back in 2007 and I’ve been in love ever since. These refreshing toothbrush-like tubes can help refresh your breath after a meal, while giving your teeth a little whitening. The price point makes GoSmile a great stocking stuffer.

Donation to Operation Smile (any amount): Put a smile on your friend's face by making a donation to help better the smiles of children across the world. Operation Smile helps provide free surgeries to repair cleft lip, palate and other facial deformities.

(Photo Sources: Polaroid, Estee Lauder, Sephora, Operation Smile; Lips from PhotoBucket)
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Time's Never Wasted When You're Wasted All The Time

Monday, December 14, 2009

The class partier. This category was probably the most sought after and most fought over title. This class personality is no longer allowed in my high school's yearbook because some PTA mom realized that kids were drinking their way to this honor.

You know, Bubba and I should have been finalists for this. I mean we went to the prom wasted and Bubba once had beer cans fall out of his locker. I could also add my and Dana's pre-game band festivities (Mad Dog in Subway cups!) and the time we went to school still drunk after he Super Bowl to my impressive resume.

Sorry for that trip down memory lane. I know you all dominated drinking in high school, so this one's for you.

Bloody Mary Gift Stack ($39.99): In addition to Processo, Bloody Mary’s are my new favorite “it” drink. I love anything spicy and they totally beat sweet drinks. Get this gift set for anyone who loves day drinking!

Hangover from Hell Eye Mask ($14.99): This item is perfect for the “Bonkowski Flu” aka saying you are “sick” when you are really hungover but don’t want to admit it.

Beverage Belt ($24.99): This belt is a fashion must have for that binge drinker on your list. You won’t have to keep going to the fridge with this baby.

Eat ‘N Park, Sheetz or WaWa Gift Card: Sorry to my Midwest readers, but basically this gift suggestion is to buy your favorite lush a gift card to a late-night eatery. Let’s hope the drunk remembers this card is in their wallet!

I Love Parties ($29.50): There is no need to hide your addiction to parties with this adorable I Heart Parties shirt from Victoria’s Secret.

(Sources:,,, Eat N’ Park, Sheetz, WaWa, Victoria’s Secret, Martini's from
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Biggest Loser

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

In high school it was so easy to be active. From sports to dance teams to gym class, teens are always on the go. Now in the working world…not so much.

For that "Best Built" person who loves to stay active, but hates paying costly gym memberships, here are some fun accessories to stay fit.

Yoga Mat ($21.99): A cool yoga mat is a must have for any yoga-er! The more decorative and pretty the better. That way, if you suck at class, you will still look cute!

Dancing with the Stars, Dance off the Pounds ($9.99): Who doesn’t love a little Dancing with the Stars action! After seeing Kelly Osbornes transformation this season, to me this is a great gift!

Fitness Magazine Subscription ($16.97): I was always a bit skeptical that Fitness Magazine was strichtly for body builders until I received a free issue. I must say, there are some great tips and user-friendly work out ideas and tips. It’s a great read!

Tennis Racquet ($39.99): Tired of the same fitness routine? Shake things up by trying a new sport, like tennis. Racquets and tennis balls are pretty cost effective, but you might run into an issue trying to find some courts. I’d check with your local YMCA for deals.

Samsung ($39.99): While I am a faithful iPod shuffle user, the Samsung Flash is an attractive alternative. This little gadget holds 500 songs AND plays FM radio! Bonus!

Sled ($19.99): Roll with me on this one for a second. When you go sled riding, you typically go down a hill. Well you need to walk back up the hill again to go back down, SO sled riding is a great cardio activity for the winter! Plus, you are bound to break a sweat with all of those layers!

(Photos: Mat, Racquet & Sled –, Magazine – Fitness Magazine, MP3 – Samsung, Video –, star from istock photo)
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Hairography: Best Hair

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Every class had a few of these gals. Those ladies who could jump out of the pool with wet hair and have it dry gorgeously straight. Or the same chick who would have poker straight hair when the humidity would hit 80. Well all envy the girl who has the Best Hair.

More than ever, there are so many hair accessories out there that make the perfect present. Here are some options:

Anthropologie ($32.00): The details on this headband make it worth the buck! This festive piece can dress up or down any outfit!

Forever 21 ($3.80): Available in an array of colors, the price on this bow headband is make it a must purchase in multiple shades!

Coquette ($48.00): Designed by a former dancer in the New York City Ballet, this Coquette headband makes me swoon. You can totally see Rachel Piskin’s dance background throughout her designs.

Adrienne Landau Earmuffs from Bluefly ($49.00): While these fuchsia earmuffs may take the attention away from your beautiful mane, the color will bright up your dreary winter!

Juicy Couture ($55.00): It’s important to keep your head warm in cold weather, but it’s also necessary to keep your hair cute and stay fashionable. This Juicy had should keep you warm and looking cool.

Charter Club Cloche ($26.99): At $27.00, this hat is a steal! Especially since it’s on sale at Macy’s. You’ll probably get another $10 with a coupon! The red color is so very festive.

(Sources:,,,,, Snowflakes from iStock Photo)
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Best Dressed Gifts

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Everyone knows that girl. She always looks so put together, she stays on top of the current trends and has the most fabulous closet of clothes and accessories. She is a true fashionista.

While this Best Dressed gal loves to add new dresses and necklaces to her clothing collection, she can be super difficult to buy gifts for. Here are my suggestions for the super stylish chick in your life.

From top left moving clockwise:

Sephora Color Play Palette ($24.00): What glamour girl couldn’t use a pallet of pretty colors to get her through the holiday party season? At a price of under $24.00, this is a steal!

NanLawson Handmade Illustration, Etsy ($8.00): I love the idea of giving a friend a framed print as a gift. I know what you are thinking…but what if they don’t like it or what if it doesn’t fit their other d├ęcor...I feel like a print like this could go great in someone’s office or even bathroom. I’m sure they will find a place!

If you have time, you can go for a full customized photo of your favorite glamour gal from Etsy seller Brooklit.

Pierre Dumas Excellent Shoe from Piperlime ($49.00): Fashionistas will have a cutegasam over an adorable pair of heels. These fun red rosette shoes are great for any trendsetter to pair with an LBD. To research your friend’s size, pretend like you want to borrow one of her current pairs!

Love, Loss and What I Wore ($5.19): The title of this book had me at hello. I’m not even sure what it’s totally about, I just mentally pair big moments in my life with what I wore. First Date – Jean overall/flower skirt combo from Express. First Day of College – Grey Capri pants and an orange tank (bold color choice, I know). First meal as an engaged woman – black and white poofy dress from Anthro. I can go on and on!

Or the new book, “I Love Your Style,” ($20.00): According to a review of this book, “I Love Your Style” features, “…secrets of unexpectedly elegant, singular women from all walks of life. It's candid, canny and cool.”

J Crew Glitter Belt ($24.99): This festive belt can pair well with jeans, dress pants and/or to clinch the waist on a flowly dress.

Anthropologie Necklace ($48.00): This necklace is amazing! Whether it is paired with a cute dress or a plain tee, your fab friend will (in the words of RZ) “die” over this gift! “It’s bananas.”

(Image Sources (Clockwise): Sephora, NanLawson, Pierre Dumas/Piperlime,,, J Crew, Anthropologie)
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