Flirty Thirty, Dirty Thirty...Ideas for 30th Birthday Parties

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Last week, Shot of Brandi and Shot of Mom were challenged to come up with 30th birthday party themes. I never turn down a challenge, so I did some internal brainstorming and here’s what I came up with!

Editor’s Note: I believe the best themes come from something that is “you.” Do you have a favorite color? TV show? Passion or hobby like cooking, crafting, etc.? Start there and then build out a theme. If you are still stumped, then keep reading ; )

1.      Neon: 2012 was a big year for neon. American Apparel has been selling bold colors for some time, but big retailers like Gap, J. Crew and Express hopped on to the trend. This is my top choice because:
·         Attire: Those gals and guys into themes shouldn’t have a tough time finding something to wear to this party (see retailers above). For those that like to do the minimal to participate can add neon bracelets or necklace. Easy, right?
·         Décor: Go nuts at Oriental Trading. They have neon everything – including glow bracelets, necklaces and balloons. Easy again.
·         Drink: Brands like DeKuyper make it easy to create bold drinks and jello shots. Don’t forget some three olives Dude.

Image sources: Asos sequin bow dress (on sale!), Sequin Bowties, Bow invite via Paperless Post, Emergency Bow Ties via me!

2.      Sequins & Bows: This is a VERY Shot of Brandi* theme (pretty much describes my whole closet), but almost anyone can pull this off.
·         Attire: Pretty self-explanatory here: sequins and bows. Girls likely already have something in their closet. For the guys, this can mean bow ties.
·         Décor: I’m a bit over the whole moustache trend (sorry), BUT I’ll allow an exception here.  Add bows to balloons and on centerpieces. You can also buy some inexpensive sequin trip to add as a table runner or around vases.
·         Drink: This party calls for some bubbly in bow adorned wine and martini glasses. For the guys, whiskey drinks.
·         Twists to this Theme: Feathers & Fedoras, Lace & Leather

3.      Let’s Have as Much Fun as Two 15-Year-Olds: Okay, this theme is a mouthful, but I saw this slogan on a birthday card and couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities.
·         Attire: What did you wear when you were 15? For me, I’d adorn some Abercrombie and Express logo items. Looking back at pics, most of my 15-year-old fashions are back in style...jean shorts, crop tops, 
·         Décor: Throwback photos from your 15-year-old days. I’m sure some St. Ides Special Brew would make an appearance in my images.
·         Drink: This is where the fun starts. I’m not sure they still make that Special Brew, but I know they still make Mad Dog. Add in Peach Schnapps, some cans of Natty Light and Keystone and you’ve got a Bowling Night party right there. I also recommend adding some big kid drinks. You likely can’t recover like your 15-year-old self.
·         Activities: Circle of Death, Beer Pong and Flip Cup tourneys are obvious, but why not throw in a “run from the cops race”

Some other themes:
·         Bacon & Beer: Bacon dishes and craft beer tastings
·         Plaid Party: Everyone wears plaid
·         Say Good Bye to the Roaring 20’s: Think flapper theme
·         1930’s party: Very similar to the 20’s party, but prohibition was repealed in the 1930’s and there a lot of cool cocktails you can play around with. And the year is pretty rad - get it…you turn 30…the year 30…LOL
·         Decade themes: 80’s, 90’s, etc.
·         1983 Party: People turning 30 in 2013 were born in 1983. Think of things that happened that year…
o   MJ introduces the Moonwalk
o   Sally Ride is the first woman in outer space
·         Roller Skating: THIS is what I wanted to do for my 30th, but I couldn’t find a place in Pgh that would allow us to bring in alcohol. Yes, I called around (“Hi, I want to have my birthday here…it’s for me, I’m turning 30…can we bring alcohol?”)
·         Bottles and Brushes (paint party): There are a number of places locally that host these