Gift Ideas: BEST. GIFTS. EVER.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tangled was on repeat in our house a year ago and I’m glad it was - it’s a super cute movie. And, if you ask my daughter what her favorite part of our last Disney trip was, she will tell you the “Rapunzel Bathrooms.” I guess she wasn’t impressed by the teacups.

Anyways, it’s a cute movie and Disney World needs to up its game and include some more Rapunzel items. Until then, here’s some gift ideas inspired by the one with the long, golden hair! 

  1. I Do My Hair Toss - With Rapunzel, it’s all about the hair. For your mane-obsessed friend or family member, how about a Dry Bar gift set (or gift card!), Slip scrunchies or headband (I’m totally having a headband moment).
  2. When Rapunzel firsts meets Eugene, she hits him over the head with a frying pan. I’ve found that after 10 years some of my pans needed a little refresh! I’m going to suggest this set from All Clad since they are a Pittsburgh-area brand! 
  3. Rapunzel loves the special “floating lights” that fly every summer on her birthday. Ever since we honeymooned in Cabo, I’ve been obsessed with star lanterns similar to this one from Pottery Barn. Since that’s kinda random, let me suggest this lantern purse based on the ones in the movie! 
  4. Everyone is all about those experience gifts. What about some bow and arrow lessons? I saw some people take lessons over the summer at North Park via the ‘gram. I did a little research and there are some places in Pittsburgh where you can shoot indoors - like Bucks & Bows or The Archer’s Edge. There is also a Rapunzel bow and arrow set that is part of our toy collection.
  5. Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel in Tangled and if you are a fan of her music, you just might be in luck. She’s touring this spring and it actually kicks off in Pittsburgh! Check out all dates here
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Gift Ideas: The Fairest Of Them All

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

When we took my daughter to Disney for the first time (she was around 16 months), the first Princess she spotted was Snow White. Several months later, she asked if she could watch the movie, so I obliged. Man, I forgot that this is a heavy cartoon! For this exercise, Snow White and her dwarf friends provide oh-so-much inspiration for gifts! 

  1. Mirror, Mirror - The first Anthropologie Home Outlet in the U.S. recently opened near me. My expectations for the store might have been a tad too high, but one thing they have is amazing mirrors. If you aren’t close by, check out the Anthro website for options (that go on sale all the time!). This Hello Beautiful mirror makes a cute gift option under $50.
  2. 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set - I’m not one of those women that have a signature lipstick shade, so this set could potentially help me find the perfect color for my pout! The small size is also great for festive clutches! 
  3. Sweet Dreams - Like Sleepy, settle down for a warm winter’s nap with this Ugg Weighted Blanket
  4. No Sneezy - For the family that is always dealing with sickness (ME!), how about a diffuser. I’ve read good things about the CAMPO Ceramic Diffuser and just might be adding one to my list. 
  5. An Apple A Day - The poisoned apple sends Snow White into a deep sleep. Give a friend or family member the gift of their very own apple orchard with this Apple-Tree-To-Be kit!
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Gift Ideas: Belle of the Ball

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Continuing the theme of Disney Princess-inspired gifts, let’s move on to one of my favorite princesses - Belle.


  1. Books - Belle is obsessed with books - and girllll I can relate. While I’ve been trying to use the library more to keep our collection down, I love a good cookbook gift. Some newly released cookbooks include: The Joy of Cooking 2019, Entertaining with Disney and Beautiful Boards. I’m also obsessed with You Are A F*cking Awesome Mom, by Leslie Anne Bruce - It’s the perfect gift for a new mom or someone expecting! Finally, I was surprised how much I loved Michelle Obama’s Becoming and there is now a journal to add to the gift
  2. Hannah Anderson Tulle Skirt - I’m a fan of what I’ve decided to call “Discrete Disney.” Like a piece of apparel that doesn’t scream the character. I love this line of Hannah Anderson princess gear and it’s on way sale!
  3. Kate Spade Belle Boulevard - Almost 10 years later and I finally used my wedding china two weeks ago! Inspired by my recent dinner party, the name of this collection (Belle Boulevard) and the one and only Mrs. Potts, a teapot is a cute gift for a tea-lover on your list. 
  4. Magical Rose - The real MVP of Beauty and the Beast is the magical rose. Nowadays, when I think of rose, my mind goes to a good rose. There are several cute bottles out there that would make a great present for a girlfriend or hostess gift. Some options: White Girl Rose, Summer Water and Rose All Day. Also, how cute is the Babe holiday box!? 
  5. Art of Shaving Beard Kit - For the “beast” on your list, how about the Art of Shaving Beard Kit!
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Shot Of Brandi Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, December 02, 2019

When thinking about a holiday gift guide, I got a little stuck (blame it on the 5,000 tabs open in my head right now). So I looked around my house for inspiration and, well, I was inspired.

Even before Disney+ came into our lives, Disney movies have been taking over our television screen for a few years now. I don’t mind - it allows me to revisit the classics and also take in some flicks that I’ve never watched.

So let’s kick things off with gifts inspired by the ultimate princess, Cinderella. I mean, she does have the biggest house in Disney World, right?

  1. With this girl, it’s allllll about the shoes. If your budget is endless, how about these beauties from Jimmy Choo or J. Crew Glitter Boots. For those of us with a shoestring budget (get it), Cinderella Toms or Kate Spade Keds.
  2. They See Me Rollin’ - When I spotted this motorized princess carriage for the first time, I gasped. It’s so amazing. If the price tag is a little too royalty for you, there is also a Little Tikes carriage coup! 
  3. Cinderella’s life isn’t always lavish. When her evil stepmother makes her clean the house, Cinderella may appreciate some new supplies! One of my goals in 2020 is to switch to “cleaner” cleaning supplies, so I would totally love a gift card to Grove Collaborative. There are also several natural product starter kits like Thrive Market, Branch Basics or The Laundress
  4. When shopping for Disney-related products, items can get a little loud. You’ll soon learn that I’m a fan of “Discrete Disney” - Items that are Disney-themed, but don’t scream DISNEY. For a Cinderella-themed room, I love these framed photos from Pottery Barn Kids. There are several items in this collection, like this Cinderella Jewelry Box.
  5. Stay in a Castle - Thinking about Cinderella’s Castle in Disney, a giant gift would be the opportunity to sleep like Cindy. When I think of castles, I think of Ireland. Aer Lingus Vacations offer several Ireland packages that give you the opportunity to spend a night in a castle!
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