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Monday, November 16, 2009

This weekend, I caught up on my magazine subscriptions/pile of books that has been stacking up in my apartment. Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to solely save the magazine industry by subscribing to a number of titles. Those I don’t get in my mailbox, I sometimes purchase when traveling or if they have an eye catching cover.

Here are some of the magazines that I think are worth the subscription:
* Vanity Fair
* Food & Wine
* People
* Biz Bash (It's a free pub! I love looking at the events!)
Some are just good on a monthly basis. This list includes:
* Rachel Ray
* Martha Stewart (MS puts the good stuff is on the internet)
* Wedding mags (even if you aren't married, they are good to look at for event ideas)

So based on this past weekends mass magazine reading, there are a few awesome things I wanted to share with my loyal readers.

* Every since the big Recession started, people now think more before making a purchase. In the September issue of InStyle, the magazine offers four tips to consider before making a fashion purchase: 1.Is it versatile? 2. Is it seasonless? 3. Is it well made? 4. Is it timeless?

* Lucky Mag gave a shout out to the Web site Sorting with Style. This is a must visit for any obsessed organizer like me.

* While this may be a little late, Harpers Bazaar listed the key pieces for fall. They include: a strong shoulder blazer, sequined jacket (YES!), tailored evening shorts, a micromini, cropped & baggy jeans, a neon vest, doubled-up cuffs, over-the-top bib necklace and touch-chic booties. I don’t recommend wearing all these trends at once!

* New buzz word – hatecation. This comes from People StyleWatch’s “What’s In & Out” section. A Hatecation is a vacation from being a hater and embrasing a more positive, welcoming attitude. I like!

* In the October issue of Glamour, Designer Nate Berkus transformed a NYC studio apartment. I love his tip for storing clutch purchases. Use a magazine file boxes to organize the purses. That way, your options are visible.

* Glamour also had three great tips for all-day energy. 1. Your lunch should be between 400 and 600 calories and full of fiber. 2. At least 20 percent of your plate should be protein (think beans or nuts). 3. Don’t eat more than four hours after breakfast. The longer you delay, the more you may overeat.

* Finally, I leave you with this awesome quote from the September issue of Vogue. In a story on Robert Isabell, the “King of Chic Events,” who recently passed, the last line says, “Some people give parties. Others, like Robert, are hosts to life.” I obsess.

(Sources: cited magazines, Photos: Gawker, thisnext)