Fashion Friday: Fields of Dreams

Friday, July 23, 2010

One of a few new features here at Shot of Brandi, I plan to start featuring some designers and goods in what I’m coining Fashion Friday.

I may have mentioned this designer before (I can’t look that up quickly because the search function isn’t working on this blog), but today’s featured designer is Elva Fields.

These drool-worthy statement necklaces are a tad pricey, but what an investment piece! It could jazz up even the simplest Old Navy dress.
The bold beads and brilliant brooches are so stunning to look at they could be used to decorate not only yourself, but your home walls!

For those DIYers, Elva Fields is full of beading inspirations. Give me some time and I’ll attempt it myself. I’ve already begun collecting the brooches!

According to the site’s bio, designer Emily Wheat Maynard searched flea markets and auctions for the vintage pieces used in her creations. The majority of the pieces are one of a kind – so if you see something you like, act fast!

(Images from Elva Fields)