Thursday, August 05, 2010

Can you believe it?! This is my 300th Post!

Not only have I wrote 300 blog posts about silly nonsense, ways to get wasted and random musings, but I’ve also hit more than 300 unique readers! I seriously don’t have 300 friends. No, that’s a lie. Facebook tells me I have 390 friends and Spieler isn’t on facebook, so that makes 391.

Among numerous others, I must thank (in no particular order except for the first dude) Brady, Brian, Amy, Dana, Sacks, Speiler, Sprys and Beth for reading my nonsense. You’ve all been there from practically the start and listening to my stories since before blogs were even created!

I do my best to keep this blog on a bit of a lock down because of my job, but looking over my blog stats, I know there are some readers out there that I don’t know. Well, it’s nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my stories and tips.

Speaking of my blog stats, if you are curious, here are my top three posts:

Top Three Posts:

3. 44th President: My recap of election night. And FYI - my feelings haven't changed.

2. Happy-HallowBradyBirthdayStellersRuleElect: Brady linked to this post on his fantasy football message board, so it totally upped NJ’s state rank in visitors

1. 101 in 1001: This is an exciting one! I can’t wait until 2011 to see how I did!

Oh the state ranks I mention above – Shot of Brandi has the biggest following in…drumroll…Illinois! I hope you all still love me when I put on my ruby slippers and return back to the homeland in the fall. Tear.

So on this Thirsty Thursday, I cheers to you. My readers!