Shake it, Shake it

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wreaths, lawn balls and Christmas ornaments…oh my!

Last month, my mom and I went to Ohio to the Shaker Woods craft fair. I assume a lot of you have never been, but basically in rural Ohio, crafters from all over the country get together for two weekends and display their crafts in various stations throughout the woods. While I saw a lot of “I can make that” things, here are some of the clever things I saw around the fair.

Studs & Stuff: Like a true girly girl, I obsess over almost anything with bling. Therefore, it was only fitting that I purchased a bedazzled flying WV shirt from Studs & Stuff. Jill, the owner, has a number of adorable sports-themed shirts, wine & cocktails and kid’s characters. She’ll also make custom designs.

Trimmers by MaryAnn: Looking for an adorable customized Christmas gift? Look no further than the ever-so-cute Trimmers (above). These wooden ornaments feature the most eye-popping colors and cheeky cut outs. Obviously I adore the shoes and cupcakes. Don’t worry – these gems are on my craft to do list.

Uniquely Crafted: Another wooden hit was Uniquely Crafted. Stepping into this booth felt like a trip to Margaritaville. From the array of bar signs to décor for all seasons, Uniquely Crafted had something for everyone and price points were perfect for the pocket book. These signs would make a great, personalized gift for newlyweds, new home owners or a new baby.

Boswell’s Beanery & Blends: For a quick and easy party dip, my mom bought a few blends from Boswell’s. This couple sells dip mixes that come as a powdery substance that you just add cream cheese or yogurt and mix. The cheese dip – unreal!

St. Johnsbury: A local candle destination, St. Johnsbury introduced an adorable margarita-scented candle in a margarita glass. What a cute gift to include with some chips, salsa, mix and a bottle of tequila.

Overall, I was impressed with a number of vendors that were using recycled goods to make new art. For example, old license plates, bottles, cans, etc.

Finally, I saw a number of cute vendors and inspirations that didn’t have websites. This list included:

RPM Treasures: This vendor takes vintage record covers and turns them into handbags – complete with the matching record and all. At their booth, you could pick your own record from a plethora of albums and they would make it on the spot.

Bedazzled Denim: A few vendors took basic jean jackets and added fabric sports logo and a fur/feather trim to the sleeves and collar for some more flair.

If craft festivals excite you, there is Christmas-themed show at Shaker Woods in October. For more information, visit: