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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bon Dia!

On Monday I returned to real life (aka Pittsburgh) after spending several days on the island of Aruba to celebrate the nuptials of one of my besties – Reader Dana.

When people asked me how Aruba was, I said, “Beautiful weather, beautiful hotel, beautiful wedding, beautiful bride (and couple!)”

What else was beautiful? The alcohol.

So readers, this may be a bit off season, but let me share with you a list of libations that I consumed while in Aruba.

1.     Miami Vice: Yes, this is odd to drink when you are closer to South America than America, but if you’ve never had one of these it’s basically a Strawberry Daiquiri mixed with a Pina Coloda. Garnish with Don Johnson.
2.     Raspberry Rickey: I had to look this one up. Bon Appetit tells me that it’s a Gin Rickey with muddled raspberries. When ordering, use a long, tounge roll for the R in Rickey (Raspberry RRRrrrrrickey)  
3.     Pinto Gigio: Enough said.
4.     Raspberry Mojitos: A mojito with raspberry (are we seeing a trend here?)
5.     Balashi Beer: The local beer of Aruba, Balashi. Some fun facts about this beer courtesy of the Balashi website:
·       The brewery was built on the island in 1998 – tours are available
·       The malt is imported from Scotland, while the hops hop in from Germany
·       It’s made with Aruban water – which everyone tells me is the second best drinking water in the planet (I’m not a water connoisseur, so I can’t confirm or deny this)
·       The name Balashi originated from the words Bala Bala and Balana, which are Aruac (Indian) and mean “near the sea.” Additionally, the name was selected the winner of a contest among Arubans!

I’m sure I consumed many additional beverages, I don’t want you to send me to rehab just yet, so I think five should hold you over until we talk booze next week (or tonight).

Blogger said...

It looks like it was an amazing time!!! I think Aruba looks fantastic.