DIY Fail: Kate Spade Bow Cardigan

Monday, April 08, 2013

Lately I feel like my craft projects have turned out a little less craftacular that I hoped.  

When I first saw THIS Kate Spade bow cardigan, I thought – I can make that.  

So I bought an Old Navy cardi and some ribbon and went to work. Unfortunately, it turned out a bit awful.

(Image on the left: Kate Spade

Let me state a few facts:
·         This cardigan with the black trim was on sale – so I bought it for the potential craft fail
·         Michael’s was having a sale on ribbon – this meant that the larger size black ribbon was all gonesies
·         I did NOT glue the ribbons – I pinned them on, so the cardi can be saved/re-done

My step by step instructions if you want to attempt this

·         Purchase supplies

·         Cardi: $12.00 on sale at Old Navy
·         Ribbon: $2.50ish at Michael’s
·         Used pins and sewing materials from craft box
·         TOTAL: $14.50

·         Cut ribbon and test out some sizes of bows – the size is used here was about 8 inches

·         Start making bows

·         Pin the bows to the cardi – don’t sew them first so that you can get the spacing right

·         Sew the bows

Sew simple, right?! (pun intended).

Final Verdict: I’m going to skip the purchase and given that I didn’t sew the bows, I think I’m going to take them off and just wear the cardi plain.