Summer Wine Sipper

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last week I was chatting with my local liquor store guy because I was looking for a light wine for summer drinking. I wanted something that was almost like sparkling, but not sparkling.

In his best Pittsburgh accent, the liquor dude recommended a Vinho Verde (aka VeeeNo V-AIR-dayh in Pittsburgh-ese).

Liquor dude was right! He led me to the Broadbent Vinho Verde which was priced under $10. According to the website, this wine is made in Portugal and has won some nice media accolades like Food & Wine’s Top Ten Best Summer Wines and a top pick by Bon Appetit.

The alcohol percent is 9 and its recommended food pairing is fish, shellfish and poultry. For those that took Spanish a decade ago, you may remember that “verde” translates to “green” and you may notice that the wine has a hint of lime color.   

If you tend to like Pinot Grigo or sparkling wine, this is totally up your alley if you are looking to try something new this summer! 
Chelsea Oliver said...

I will certainly be trying this out - sounds perfect for summer! I love that guy's Pittburgese haha