I'm Retiring From Card Making.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

After 10 years of glitter, feathers, gems and other  miscellaneous craft items, I've decided to retire at making my own Christmas cards.

At first my list was about 40 people. Then, after adding in Brady's list and making new friends along the way, the list has more than doubled. While this is a good problem to have, it makes crafting a large amount of cards quite the task. 

So for my readers that received the 10 year anniversary card this week, I wanted to call out its meaning.

You may recall the ribbon tree from 2004. I recreated that card (it was one of my favs!) with ornaments that are a tribute to cards of Christmas past! The snowflake (2005), Santa hat (2009), ornament (2006), gingerbread man (the first! 2003), and finally the stocking (2011).

Missing from above are the snowman (2011) and stockings (2012).

Like Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Brett Favre, Rocky, and maybe Amanda Bynes...all greats have retired and made a comeback. So in the words of Justin Beiber I'll "never say never," but it's see you later for now!

Oh and just for reader clarification, I'm not boycotting Christmas cards! I'll still send those! 

Peace, love and glitter,

Chelsea Oliver said...

All your cards are TOO CUTE! I love that you made your own all these years but that is certainly a huge task to take on, especially during this already busy time of the year. That's why I design mine in Photoshop & InDesign and have them printed and send them out lol it's as close to "hand made" that I'll ever get haha! Merry Christmas!


Shot of Brandi* said...

Thanks, Chelsea! You hit the nail on the head (is that the expression!?) - I think I will still "make" them, they just may be done on the computer or printed...or maybe even a fun image!? The possibilities are endless, but a lot quicker! I hope you have a happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

I made mine this year for the first time and, whew, it takes A LOT of time!