Meat Free May Recap

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Remember when I went alcohol free in January? Or shall I say, do you remember when I tried to go alcohol free in January or as I called it, No Drinkuary? Well I really liked the idea of using a month to set a small goal for myself. I went (mostly) Meat Free for May.

Can you tell I love clever names for these goals?

Now that May is over I must admit that I really like my meat-free self. I wasn’t bored with meals and I tried some new veggie dishes that I now crave. I also found it super easy to dine out as most restaurants now offer meat-free options.

Some of the things that I ate during May (and continue to eat!):

·         Beyond Meat – This faux chicken is so delicious – you can’t don’t even know that you aren’t eating chicken!

·          Quinoa with veggies

·         Happy Hippie Quesadilla from Mad Mex

·         Portobello or eggplant pizza’s (both topped with tomatoes and cheese)  

·         Veggie Burgers

·         Squash Spaghetti

Note that I did “cheat” about three or four times during the month. Once is when I ate buffalo chicken dip…forgetting about that chicken part (cut me a break, I was hungover). The rest of the cheat time was while we were in Boston/Maine. I couldn’t resist some Maine lobster!

If you have any good meat free recipes, share them with me!