Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Omg you guys. We don’t have Halloween plans. No Halloween plans = no costume. I think I’m breaking like a ridiculous streak of Halloween costumes. I think the last time I didn’t wear a costume was in 2005 when I didn’t know many people in Chicago!

IF by chance we get some last minute plans, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to pull off a last minute costume. If you are in the same boat as me, I thought I would share some last minute tips!

  1. Tutu + Tank with tooth = Tooth Fairy (your man could go as a dentist.) This was my costume circa 2004!
  2. Minnie Mouse Ears + Polka Dot Dress = Mini Mouse. 
  3. Red & White Striped Shirt + Red and White Striped Hat + Black Glasses = Where’s Waldo
  4. Black Cape + Round Black Glasses + Red/Yellow Tie + Grey Sweater + Lightning Bolt on your Forehead = Harry Potter.
  5. White Polo Shirt + khaki pants/skirt + nerd glasses + number sign around your neck = spelling bee contestant (see my costume above!)
  6. White Sweatshirt + White Sweatpants + Toilet Paper = Mummy
  7. Black & White Striped Shirt + Black Eye Mask + Bag of Money = Bank Robber
  8. Hawaiian Shirt + Khakis + Camera Around Your Neck + Map = Tourist
  9. Jean Shirt + Jeans + Bandanna on Head = Rosie the Riveter
  10. Yellow Dress + White Tights + Black Umbrella = Morton Salt Girl