Soon-to-Be Apple of My Eye: Fruit Themed Baby Shower

Monday, May 18, 2015

When you are preggo, newsletters from “The Bump” and “What To Expect When Expecting” send you weekly emails comparing the size of your baby to a fruit or vegetable. For most of the early weeks, it’s a fruit.

This was the inspiration behind my Pittsburgh baby shower. Fruit with a little black and white - a nod to the nursery decor.

While my mom and I crafted a few things for this shower, I now need to warn you of one major fail - me not taking any pictures OR assigning anyone to do so. Therefore, you’re about to see some not-so-great iPhone images to illustrate how you could recreate this theme!

Planning started with a few different week-by-week pregnancy lists with corresponding fruit.

I was going to hire a designer to create invitations, but I actually just did them myself. No shame here - I’ll admit that I made them via Power Point, saved the file as a jpeg and then printed them from Zazzle. And the watercolor fruit? Yeah, that’s “borrowed” from the internet (don’t hate me if you’ve stumbled upon this page and I “borrowed” your artwork). That way, I could customize the file for place cards, signage and thank you notes.

For the decor, I came up with the idea to use fruit in market-like baskets with balloons tied to the top. So I had to pick fruits that had corresponding balloons - or solid balloons that could look like the fruit. I landed on the fruits above.

I ordered the fruit balloons online and we worked with Party City to inflate the balloons. We also sprinkled in some black and white balloons. Those were a hit for guests to take home for their kids!

The fruit was purchased in bulk at a Club Store the day before the shower and we encouraged guests to take some home! The color is awful in these photos, but above was the orange table (yes, the oranges are looking more like lemons!).

For other favors, my mom made mini-picnic baskets with fruit-flavored candy and boo boo bunnies!

For an added touch, I made some fruit garland out of foam for the tables with the gifts, cupcakes and place cards.

One thing I test crafted, but didn't use was fruit lanterns below.

For a “game” we gave everyone a card with a fruit “week.” The identical cards were placed into a basket and throughout the shower we pulled names.

I do like to dress in theme, so you may notice that I scored the most perfect dress at Kohl’s. It’s ironic because I’m not a typical Kohl’s shopper, but was walking through and spotted this non-maternity dress with some stretch. I bought it a month before the shower and crossed my fingers that it would fit!

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of our Pittsburgh and New Jersey friends and family that read the blog. Baby Smith certainly received everything she needs to enter this world and more and we seriously couldn’t be more grateful for everyone that attended our showers and helped to make them both a success! Let the countdown to the arrival begin!
Wenni Donna said...

You are just awesome dear and that dress is looking wonderful on you. I wish you to have a healthy baby. Last year I also had a friends party at event space nyc and it was great. I had some great time there with friends.