Easy Spring DIY Centerpiece

Monday, March 28, 2016

Earlier this month we hosted a lunch after baby girl’s baptism. I created my own pastel floral invitations and wanted some easy, affordable centerpieces for the tables.

The lunch table was a L shape and seated 18, so I estimated on 4 centerpieces.

I found 4 over-sized pastel jars from JoAnn Fabrics and used a 40% off your purchase coupon to bring the total to about $15-ish. (Editors Note: Yes, I've said that I'm over mason jars. And I really am - with the exception of using them for my breakfast and lunch at work. But these jars were just too perfect for what I was looking for, so I made an exception to my own rule).

Two days before the event, I hit up the Strip District in Pittsburgh to purchase flowers. This was a bit risky because you never know what you will find, but I was able to scoop up 4 hydrangeas and a dozen roses for about $25.

Ta da! Here is my DIY baptism centerpieces for just about $40!