Brandi's Brew: DIY Iced Coffee.

Friday, April 07, 2017

When I drink coffee, which for me isn’t a daily thing, I’m one of those cold-drink-year-round kinda people. So is the hubs. So when a former co-worker introduced me to the Hario Cold Brew System, I was intrigued. Now I’m hooked.

Don't ask me what that label says. I hope I'm following whatever warning it may be. 

You just drop some finely ground coffee into the filter, add cold water, put it on your fridge overnight and BAM - you have cold brew coffee waiting for you in the morning!

I’ve been experimenting with my “Brandi Brews” and so far my favorite brew is packs of flavored coffee from Nicholas Coffee Roasters in Pittsburgh with a bit of vanilla soy milk. No need for sugar! These small bags are just over $1 at Nicholas’ - so that makes my cup of homemade Brandi’s Brew about .25 cents!

I haven’t mastered the right level of adding some water to the final brew. I like it without, but it may be a tad too strong.

If you are into iced coffee, I’d recommend the $16 investment (+ some ground up coffee).