Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Home Alone

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Blame it on millennials, but after celebrating its 27th anniversary Home Alone is and its famous lines are currently trending.

1. The film starts by showing viewers family members running around a huge house in the suburbs of Chicago as they pack for a holiday trip to Paris. While clearly the biggest gift you could give would be a trip to Paris (or the McMansion the McCallister family lives in), a more affordable gift could be new luggage. This marble-patterned carry on is super cute.

2. A power outage causes the family to sleep in. They to the airport and fail to realize they left behind their eight-year-old son - Kevin McCallister. This is where the whole “Home Alone” part comes in. At first Kevin thinks it’s cool to have the house to himself. Then he becomes frightened of his scary neighbor and two burglars that are looking to prey on his house. If you or a family member are worried about unwanted guests, how about a Nest security camera.

3. Kevin creates a number of booby traps around the house to trick the burglars. One of the is putting toy cars on the ground, which somehow causes the men to fall to the ground. These Star Wars cars are cool for the Jedi on your list.

4. The booby traps are basically like one big obstacle course. And with an unlimited budget, you can get some lucky kids this inflatable bounce house. A more realistic gift is this DIY course from Target.

5 & 6. Like I mentioned earlier, some of the famous lines from the movie are trending on apparel. One of them is from a faux gangster movie that Kevin watches that says “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal.” Another one revolves around Kevin’s brother’s girlfriend. When Kevin sees a pic of her, he says “Buzz, your girlfriend...Woof.” Both of these are perfect for an ugly sweater party!

And if you are looking to catch up on this flick, you can buy the movie here.